The Best Amazon S3 Alternatives

Of all the services currently available in the cloud, thereÕs no denying that Amazon S3 is truly a major competitor. However, as those reading this article know it’s not always the best option due to its narrow scope in effective developer and storage solutions. Fear not, as there are quite a few alternative choices to Amazon S3 available. Let’s take a look at four of the best that the Internet has to offer:

SmartFile For Developers

Confronting Amazon S3’s inability to provide a system of file and user management is SmartFile For Developers. Going above and beyond normal file storage and management, this alternative offers many tools when it comes to creating and controlling files. This along with the same capabilities that Amazon S3 has, such as move, rename, copy, remove (delete), import, and compress, but in a more elaborate fashion.

With client SDKs hosted on GitHub, they create great room for others in the developer community to add upon
and build on. Giving access to a RESTFul API that also features SDKs on Python, Java, PHP, C#, with Ruby and Javascript to be released in the near future, SmartFile For Developers outshines Amazon S3 in many ways.


Cost can be a huge factor when considering switching cloud backup products, but overall experience and quality cannot be sacrificed for this single feature. Enter BackBlaze, which boasts that it has unlimited capabilities, but is 25 times cheaper than Amazon S3, at only $5 per month.

Another exceptional aspect of BackBlaze is that it is fairly user friendly and automatically backs up all of your files upon its initial installation in the background. In the newest release of BackBlaze they have corrected the shortcomings of previous versions allowing you to now load large Vmware and 1080 home videos; along with a large selection of performance alte
rcations, which helps to decrease the strain on your system and network connection as the service runs.

When breaking down the numbers, BackBlaze undoubtedly beats Amazon S3 in cost per petabyte, so is a good option to consider if you’re running a business on a tight budget.


A premiere choice for over 1,000 major companies and organizations, it’s no surprise that BitGravity makes the list of alternatives. Delivering standard-based live streaming video solutions in both HD and SD all around the world, BitGravity is an excellent choice no matter where you are.

Along with an integrated CMS system that is called BG Video Director, users will experience top of the line delivery along with multiple options to make their workflow as simple as possible, custom players and playlists, help to make you money from content and a plethora of other tools at the ready. With BG Video delivery you are assured that there will be no cache misses that can
drive up the cost of overall operation. All of these factors are essential when trying to find a viable alternative to Amazon S3.


LeadPlayer is also another great alternative to Amazon S3 and allows you to put videos from video streaming websites directly onto your WordPress site. Just as most things on WordPress, it is as simple as installing a plug-in. LeadPlayer is also unique in that it optimizes the videos based on the Internet connectivity of your users or their device. Along with that great feature it is also regarded as one of best alternatives in terms of SEO and conversion.

You won’t leak traffic from often distracting buttons or links. Another huge plus is LeadPlayer’s ability to sync with Google Analytics, giving the service user a one of a kind look at their video statistics. It’s a premium choice when you want to be able to offer great content even if you aren’t exactly the most computer savvy person in the world.


Despite any claims that Amazon S3 makes to being the best, these alternatives come close to, and even beat Amazon on features and price. With so many options out there, you’d do well to do some homework. Some of the services we discussed focus on ease of use for the beginner, a desire to stream the best quality video no matter the location, cost without giving up quality, or even on providing features that many Amazon S3 users have been wanting.

For some, Amazon S3 may be the best thing since sliced bread. However, there are bound to be those who desperately seek the things lacking in Amazon S3 and these four options may very well be the answer.

About the Author: Simon Bareham lives and breathes the very latest technology, specifically focusing around the internet and ecommerce website development. Click here to read more of his articles.

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  • Codewizard

    > unlimited capabilities, but is 25 times cheaper than Amazon S3, at only
    > $5 per month.

    Excuse me? S3 cost $125/m?

    Quite frankly the article seems to be more about blasting Amazon, than discussing alternatives. You don’t do any real comparison, you just tell the reader to do it, himself. What’s the point of the article? Link bait?

    • jbperez808

      Yup. Seems like a *VERY* sloppily written article.

  • JustAGuy

    What a pointless article. Non of the companies listed in this article offer the same service as S3, so how can they be competitors!? I want my 30 minutes back.