Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – A Classic Cloud Service

keypadIn recent years, the way that businesses operate in regard to communication and connectivity has been revolutionized.

Online computer programs now provide a huge amount of flexibility, innovation and efficiency, allowing every company, from the smallest to the biggest, access to some of the most cutting edge technology around.

And though a range of factors have contributed to this sudden growth in online services, few have had as big an impact as the cloud. So when IVR systems meet the cloud, you can be sure of some great and innovative results.

A brief run down of interactive voice response

Interactive voices response or IVR relates to any programs that allow the user to interact using their voice with a computerized system in order to navigate their way through a series of options. In some cases users can also use their telephone keypad to choose the relevant option.

This system has been most usefully used in relation to call forwarding and call management systems, allowing callers to choose the route that their call takes through a range of menus, until they reach the respondent who can answer their query the most appropriately. 

What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is a general term for the vast amounts of online storage space, now made available by large companies who are not using the full capacity of their servers.

It effectively means that smaller businesses and individuals have affordable access to a range of programs, storage solutions and services that previously would have been prohibitively expense to run.

How the cloud affects IVR

Though IVR systems have been around for many years, the move to the cloud means that more companies will be able to afford to implement it.

As the information is held remotely, it also means that the installation and management of the system can be set up quickly and easily, with much less disruption and involvement for the client.

What are the benefits of cloud based IVR system?

One of the main benefits of a cloud-based IVR system is that they can be management by a specialist company without the need for them to visit your office premises.

They can fix any problems quickly and easily, so your business can continue to function with minimal interference.

Secondly, having your IVR system stored on the cloud will make it a lot more affordable, reducing the drain on your finances and allowing your company to improve their communications cheaply and easily.

What are the problems with a cloud based IVR system?

Though moving to a cloud-based system offers a range of benefits, like any new service there are of course some drawbacks as well.

Some companies may feel that they loose control of their communications systems by having them hosted on the cloud and away from the physicality of the office.

There is also the possibility that, if your system goes down, you will be less able to affect a repair.

However as more and more services move to an online setting, businesses will become used to managing communications remotely, and dealing with the providers who make these technological advances possible. 

In the grand scheme of business innovation, the cloud and even IVR are relatively new phenomena, but with innovation constantly pushing forwards and companies continually demanding better and more refined services, the future of communication is set to be exciting.

So don’t let your company miss out, make the move to the cloud now and be among the first to take advantage of the possibilities that it offers.

About the Author: Written by Nathan Griffiths, visit a specialist provider of IVR technology.

License: Creative Commons image source

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