Get The Cloud Benefit For Backup, Recovery And Restoration With Asigra

storageWith large amounts of data and information being generated on a daily basis, it becomes quite a daunting task to manage these within the existing IT infrastructure. For many companies and corporation, the issue of data management is becoming a more and more pressing concern. The old method was to continuously invest in buying or installing new equipment on a regular basis. However, with the advancement of cloud computing, by companies such as Asigra, many businesses are turning to online backup as the future of data management. Asigra developed the cloud “backup, recovery and restore” options in their enterprise class software solutions with corporations and large companies in mind.

The need for such software

The need to create the sort of backup solution that Asigra developed, was primarily the need to have an integrated approach for protection of data and information. The Asigra software solution has a large range of tools and different capabilities which ensures that the data is protected securely with minimal network and storage resources, without the deployment of multiple point software solutions. This also reduces the total cost of ownership against procuring, installing and maintaining such a huge IT infrastructure for data and information backup.

Why Asigra?

The software developed by Asigra provides efficient performance and is loaded with capabilities like de-duplication, data compression, autonomic healing, validation-restore, data recover-ability and has the public, private and hybrid cloud architecture. The software works with Cisco ISR-G2 and UCS-E series and has NIST FIPS 140-2 certified security. The solution actually is integrated with the existing IT infrastructure, locates and prioritizes various files for backup. This is followed by securely transmitting the encrypted copies of such files to different off-site data centers. With this solution, the data are instantly restored whenever needed and from wherever located.

What does it do?

Asigra software, is agent-less, that is, all the machines or applications which need to be protected do not have any agents installed. Agents need an open port, posing a security risk for your firewall. It actually reaches the network for backing up the applications, file systems and operating systems with programming interfaces which are industry standards. Standard backups take time and can be arduous, particularly at the end of the day, however this is not the case with the Asigra solution. With the agent-less architecture, managing the backup is simple and easy. The solution has two components, the Clients and the System. The clients include DS-clients at customer premises for all machines, applications and systems in company LAN, separate clients for laptops desktops, Smartphones and tablets. The DS – System is an aggregator of the data being received from all the clients mentioned above and has modules which are actually integrated in the solution to include the company LAN, mobile clients and remote clients.

Other unique features

The software, asigra, is a single platform covering data loss, and offers flexibility is protecting your data and information, whether it is image based or file based on physical or virtual environment. It encompasses the servers, enterprise applications, databases, data in cloud based applications and endpoint devices like laptops, tablets, desktops, Smartphones and covering all the software and hardware platforms. As the data is transmitted only after it is encrypted at the source, that is, the company LAN, it travels over the public domain or network in a secured manner. The need for data protection is to retrieve them in case of a failure which this software provides with its autonomic healing and the validation – restore feature ensuring that the data you require is made available to you as per your requirement.

About the Author: Tech blogger Kate Parker is a huge fan of cloud computing and has taken a keen interest in the developmentĀ of online backup software such as Asigra Securstore were awarded Asigra partner of the year in 2012

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