Cloud World Forum Survey 2013: North America is Still the Leader in Cloud Innovation

cloud innovation survey 2013North America is still viewed as the leader in cloud innovation – thanks to the extensive support on startups, although the Asian region is still the leader in term of cloud-related job creations.

According to a recent cloud computing survey, Informa Cloud World Forum Global Insights Survey, commissioned by Informa Telecoms & Media and the Cloud World Forum, despite the fact that cloud computing is viewed as a key driver of economic competitiveness, European countries are losing in the cloud innovation race.

North America is still the leader of cloud computing market development and innovation (mentioned by 70% of respondents,) followed by Asia (15%)

How about Europe? Only 8 percent of respondents believe that European countries lead in cloud innovation.

The United Kingdom is viewed as the most innovative in the European region; The United States is leading in North America while Japan and Singapore are the two cloud innovation giants in Asia.

What are the main issues causing the lack of cloud innovation in the Europe?

The main culprit is said to be the Government’s support. The lack of incentives and the overall entrepreneurial culture in Europe has made access to funding difficult.

“Europe produces many cloud innovators, but they often leave to get funding – usually to the United States which has an excellent start-up culture,” said Camille Mendler, principal analyst at Informa.

One thing for sure, we can’t deny the fact that the cloud rules in a region’s economy; it also responsible for job creation, which also a strong indicator of economic competitiveness of a country/region.

By 2015, cloud computing sector will contribute 1 million cloud-related jobs in the U.S. In Asia, China, India and Indonesia will contribute 7 million new cloud-related jobs by 2015. Worldwide cloud job creations total: 14 million by 2015.

As you can see, the cloud plays a big role, indeed. European countries seem to get just the crumbs of the cloud job pie. This has got to change for the better or European region’s economy.

Released as part of the 5th Annual Cloud World Forum, London, UK. on 26-27 June 2013, The Informa Cloud World Forum Global Insights Survey is an ongoing review of the marketplace.

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