Cloud Atlas: A Rough Guide To The World Of Cloud Backup

cloudcomputingThere is a brave new world of online data management out there and it is well worth getting acquainted with ‘the cloud’ as it is fast revolutionizing the way we access, store and share our files. Every day, more and more businesses and individuals are turning to cloud backup because of its numerous advantages over traditional backup methods. This article offers a rough guide to the world of cloud backup and talks you through some of the reasons why switching to the cloud is one of the smartest things you can do.

Cost Effective

Both businesses and individuals enjoy the low cost of this service, with many companies offering limited storage facilities for no charge at all. The savings don’t end there however; another attraction of cloud backups is that you do not have to buy additional infrastructure since this solution uses what you have. For instance, in case of recovery, you do not need to buy other gadget, which could be both onerous and expensive. Instead, your service provider will restore the data with what is already there.

Instant Recovery

Cloud backup services are more reliable and faster than other methods when it comes to recovering data. It is not helpful, and indeed can be quite costly for businesses, if you have a recovery system that cannot restore data immediately. Cloud backup services ensure data or any files are recovered instantaneously, regardless of the client’s location. More recently, cloud backup service providers have offered a range of options of recovery for clients, making this service even more convenient.

Privacy is Paramount

Like all online backup services, the cloud service also encrypts data before transmitting it for backup. Some clients have very sensitive data that needs to remain confidential hence and cannot afford compromising its security but even for the individual user, when it comes to storing personal files, privacy is always paramount. Data will remain encrypted while being stored on the cloud; the only person who has the decryption key is the owner of data. Such measures ensure the data remains secure and no chances of unauthorized intrusion.


Cloud backup is particularly favourable for businesses due the greater utilization of IT resources it offer. Cloud backup is a wise area to direct IT resources since it ensures safety of data for the business. The service is flexible because it adjusts as the business environment evolves. For example, it can be continually customized according to client’s needs. If a business grows and gets more data, this service provides more storage space for that specific business. Any new data automatically receives backup.

The Sky’s The Limit

Unlike tape backup, this cloud service has unlimited space. Tape can only store up to its capacity, which would force clients to buy more tape for storage. Cloud backup requires no adjustments to get more storage capacity. The provider has it readily available for the clients. With this service, it is possible to get backup for a huge amount of data. At the same time, clients can easily find and access any file they want amongst the large data.

Easy Peasy

It is easy to use cloud backup even for individuals who want to backup personal files. Some people would think such advanced technology comes with complexity when using it. On the contrary, the clients only need to follow a simple process and begin to enjoy the services. Clients do not need to consult IT experts or manage anything.

These are some of the many reasons people should consider making the leap skyward and switching to cloud backup services.

About the Author: Kate Parker is an online author who has written widely on the subject of data management and cloud backups. She has written this article on behalf of securstore

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