Warn Off DDoS Attacks With Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation Services

ddos-attackThese days, IT managers face challenges related to network security and the rising of DDoS attacks. Statistic findings indicate that they are increasingly concerned about their employers being the possible target of a business-related distributed denial of service DDoS attack; their focus is mainly on taking the necessary security precautions to avoid being subject to these type of harmful events.

The reason for this growing concern is that today’s DDoS hits have become more frequent, dangerous and sophisticated by the day. Businesses need to worry about how to mitigate a DDoS-driven threat in time before it poses various security risks to their data center’s operations.

How Does DDoS Affect your Business

These type of attacks are routinely taking place today and are causing harm to businesses, of all sizes and industries. There have been numerous reported DDoS cases where an intruder’s motive was simply to wreak havoc an organization’s functionality; other incidents involved uploading malicious code onto computers and servers to damage or shut it down; in other scenarios, some events led to the successful stealing of business’ and clients’ data.

In general, a malicious outsider, acting as a cybercriminal or Internet hacker, will launch threats from different IP addresses and multiple compromised systems, for whatever reason, to cause damage to data, or a system overload or a network outage.

The Risks

As a victim of a direct or indirect DDoS attack, one may experience flooding or jamming of the network bandwidth with useless traffic, which can cause server downtime, disrupt computing and networking capacity operations as well as service outages that can bring down the business’ website and, ultimately, irate customers.

It has becomes paramount for business owners to implement countermeasures to avoid such attacks. Hiring IT security managers is a suitable option as they can play an important role in overseeing the entire security operations for a business by deploying anti-DDoS technology, like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

DDoS Prevention

Alternatively, a business can opt for a cloud-based DDoS solution. This option is apt for those that do not want to take matters in their own hands and mitigate DDoS threats in-house; businesses can rather rely on a hosted company specializing in DDoS mitigation to oversee their entire network security. The protection is ensured without needing to have an IT manager and having to bear the full costs of the high-end technology required to prevent such attacks from taking place.

An organization’s first line of defense can be to choose a third-party service provider for a quick solution to manage DDoS threats. This may be a wise choice for those that need to still come up with good security practices to prevent the attacks themselves. A cloud-based option is a scalable solution that has these additional benefits:

  • There are cloud-based DDoS providers that offer 24/7 real-time security monitoring and mitigation services.
  • Having a hosted company assure DDoS mitigation techniques and apply proprietary technologies leaves business owners and IT managers able to focus their attention elsewhere.
  • Many third-party network security and DDoS protection and mitigation platform providers are able to stop these attacks in the cloud before they affect the business’ network, cripple essential applications, and shut down websites.
  • In most cases, Cloud-based DDoS companies have the ability to monitor, detect, and mitigate all types of DDoS occurrences in a faster and more successful way than some companies’ IT departments.
  • Opting for cloud-based DDoS mitigation services is cost-effective and can represent a comprehensive solution which is easy to implement, requires no hardware or software installation or maintenance on site.

As shown from the list, a reputable DDoS mitigation service provider like DOSarrest can be beneficial to any size organization, because it does offer the quick solution for detection and the mitigation tools needed to safeguard the business and its customers. Even more, a cloud service can eliminate needing to hire IT security manager or having staff on-shift around-the-clock to operate anti-DDoS equipment as well.

About the author: George Hillston is a business blogger and information security specialist.  Find more of his latest work on his Google+ profile

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