Cloud World Forum 2013 Agenda Revealed

cloudwf event 2013

5th Annual Cloud World Forum in London, June 26 and 27, 2013 is a must-attend for IT decision makers and cloud enthusiasts. With a lineup of authoritative figure in IT and cloud technology, this event can offer you off-the-stove guide for your business’ cloud adoption. If you are a cloud professional or cloud business owner, Cloud World Forum will help you strategize your growth, as well as tapping on to the latest cloud trends.

If you are curious about what you will get when you have decided to attend the cloud event, this post is the answer for you: Cloud World Forum has revealed the agenda of the event.

The seminar will be held across 8 theatres in National Hall Olympia, London, UK – here are the details:

1. Vision Theatre
This is the venue for broad cloud computing topics, such as the issue of large-scale cloud infrastructure development, cloud case studies and so on. Keynote presentations will be provided by Dr. Jeff Jaffe, World Wide Web Consortium CEO, Oskar Stal, Spotify CEO and Jeff Barr, AWS Chief Evangelist.

2. Strategy Theatre
This venue will host talks on new cloud implementation and monetization methods, which also include case studies, cloud security discussion and development of as-a-service products. Keynote presentation by Richard Harris, AMR CIO.

3. Evolution Theatre
The venue for technical cloud talks – attendees will learn how to enhance their cloud and discuss future cloud app trends. Keynote presentation is by Stavros Isaiadis, Bank of America Merril Lynch AVP Technology.

4. Connection Theatre
This venue will host two events. On June 26, attendees can discuss about mobile cloud. On June 27, the focus is on cloud Channel. Keynote presentation is by Tony McAlister, Betfair CTO.

5. Google Theatre
This venue will host everything about Google cloud – Google Drive for business, Google platform enhancements and Google’s initiative, Work the Way You Live (WTWYL.)

6. Executive Summit
The venue will host Executive Leadership Summit – the melting pot of 150 world’s leading decision makers.

7. CDN World Forum
This theatre will explore the trends in CDN (Content Delivery Networks) industry. Keynote presentation will be provided by Ken Florance, Netflix VP of content delivery.

8. Big Data World Congress
The venue attendees will discuss on the trending big data – and how to expand the technology further.

To learn more about the agenda, please visit the official Cloud World Forum press release

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