Five Benefits of a Virtual Call Centre

virtual call centerAs technology across the world is evolving, businesses have greater opportunities available to improve to the efficiency and productivity of their call centres. More and more businesses are beginning to adopt a remote working strategy using virtual contact centre technology, with an estimated 62% of UK call centres already adopting or looking into adopting this new technology. A virtual call centre is operated by a cloud-based server or through remote access software, eliminating the need for a physical server; all that is required is a computer, an Internet connection and a headset.

But why should businesses embrace new cloud based contact centre technology? A recent survey of 1,000 consumers revealed that 48% of them disliked using call centres. This highlights a huge opportunity for businesses to makes improvements to their call centres and in turn increase customer satisfaction levels. If you’re looking for ways to improve your call centre efficiency then here’s five great benefits of a virtual contact centre!

1. Flexibility

One of the key benefits of a virtual contact centre is the ability of staff to work from remote locations, which presents great benefits for both the business and its employees. Cloud based contact centre technology allows staff to work from home, anywhere in the UK, removing geographical boundaries when sourcing staff. Not only does this allow businesses to access a huge pool of potential employees, it allows staff to be called upon at short notice and business needs can be met with a higher degree of flexibility.

2. Increased productivity and morale of workforce

The ability of employees to work from home through cloud based contact centre technology allows them to have flexible working hours, reduced travel costs, reduced stress levels just to name as few examples. This has proven to increase the morale and productivity of the work force, as well as decreasing staff turnover, which can be a huge issue for contact centres.

3. Enhanced customer satisfaction

As customers become ever more demanding of high levels of customer service, and businesses recognize the importance of building strong relationships with its customers, the efficiency of the call centre as a main hub of communications with customers is vital. The increased morale of the workforce that can be achieved through cloud based contact centres, is reported to have a positive impact on the satisfaction levels of customers who contact businesses through call centres, which in turn lead to positive influences purchase decisions.

4. Saving money

Running a traditional call centre can be very costly, however, using cloud based contact centre technology can significantly reduce your businesses operational costs. Enabling staff to work from home means that less investment in office space and equipment is required. Another cost saving advantage of a virtual contact centre is the reduction of costs associated with outsourcing additional staff when required, particularly at short notice. This new technology allows additional staff to be bought in quickly and more cost effectively.

Other less direct savings will also be seen over time as your contact centre productivity and efficiency increases thanks to this intelligent new software.

5. Extended service hours

There is increasing demand from consumers to be able to contact businesses 24/7. Using cloud contact centre technology, it is far easier and effective to enable call centres to remain in operation around the clock.

About the Author: This content been written by Georgina Tomblin on behalf of Leancall.

Photo credit: deivanTi xx via photopin cc

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