70 Percent of Cloud Users Don’t Know What Cloud Computing is

I can’t understand why many experts say that cloud computing is going mainstream. IT-wise, it might be going mainstream, but for the general public, cloud computing is still an alien concept.

Perhaps that’s why cloud providers stick to enterprise market. The market is there and they “get it” better. It’s easier to explain the benefits of cloud computing to businesses – that’s why the cloud is not too cloudy among businesses.

But what about individual cloud users? Users – especially young people aged 18-24 – are heavy user cloud services… iTunes, Dropbox, Gmail… yet, they don’t know what cloud computing is.

Want to know how confused we are when it comes to cloud computing? Just check out this infographic published by Web Fusion. They surveyed 1,000 people in the UK on cloud computing. The results are interesting.

It turned out that 50 percent just don’t know what cloud computing is – despite the fact that they are using cloud-based services on regular basis. Among them, 18-24 year-old respondents have the worst understanding when it comes to the cloud, even though they are cloud services heavy users.

Only 15 percent of respondents know the real meaning of the cloud (just in case you are wondering, the cloud means scalable hosting across multiple servers.)

Check this infographic for the cloud trends among UK residents (click on the infographic for the original size.)

cloud infographic
Via Web Fusion

I hope the above is quite explaining… if not, just read more; If you want more cloud 101, just heads up to our Cloud Business 101 section and be enlightened!

Just don’t be this kind of guy – seriously….

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