Cloud Computing and the Myths surrounding it

cloud mythsSeems like the whole world is going gaga over the concept of cloud computing because as they [I do not have any idea about who ‘they’ are and what ‘they’ do] say Cloud computing is the way forward. As far as the predictions of the marketing experts are concerned, Cloud computing market will see an unprecedented growth in the upcoming years, and will cross the $150 billion milestone in the year 2013, which is definitely impressive by any standard.

Given its immense benefits, large as well as small business organizations will continue to embrace cloud computing technologies. But behind its apparent massive success stories, there is something that people are overlooking blatantly.

Wondering what they are? Here they go:

I am Safe from all Threats

This is the kind of expression that I get from all business owners who migrate to Cloud computing. They have a strange belief that by putting all their applications and data in the cloud, they are free from all the responsibilities. But this is far from the reality.

You might find it surprising but the fact is that you will still require to get yourself involved with things like managing infrastructure of the internal network. As you have uploaded all the data to Cloud, you have to redouble your effort to ensure that Internet connectivity remains stable because your productivity is closely linked with the connection.

Extra bandwidth and failsafe Internet access are something that you need to have to ensure a smooth working environment. You have to also ensure that Cabling, routers, switches etc are in good shape to give support to this new computing model.

I do not need to have a full time IT consultant

Though there is no denying of the fact that by getting migrated to a Cloud computing model, you will be able to greatly reduce the requirement of having a fulltime It professional in your business, it does not eliminate the requirement. Believe it or not, you still you need to have some of kind of IT support available for your employees in case, they face some difficulties while working on Cloud. Moreover, you need to get 24×7 support from your web hosting service provider to ensure seamless production.

I do not need to replace the Workstation

It is a fact that when you are working on the cloud, the lifespan of your workstation will increase. But that does not necessarily mean that security and maintenance of the workstation can be ignored easily. In fact, it becomes all the more important for a business organization to ensure a clean workstation otherwise it may get affected by malware and the bandwidth may get hijacked by them.

So make it point that you are giving proper attention to things like installation of anti-malware, antivirus, patches etc otherwise, you will not be able to make the most of the services available.

I Believe Cloud Computing is Cheaper

When you get migrated to Cloud computing, you would not have to spend money on things like buying new PC or any other computer equipments because all your data will be on the Cloud. But this is not entirely true.

Cloud computing is not that cheap. You have to pay more for extra internet access, for extra storage space etc. And if this is not enough, you will have to fork out money for training your existing employees to make them feel comfortable while working on the cloud, for building up infrastructure for off-hours support and emergency situation and more. So, I hope that you can understand that cloud computing is that not that cheap.

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Photo: Victor Habbick

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