Manage work processes in cloud with Comindware Tracker

comindware trackerI have already written about Comindware products for a couple of times. This well-thought and easy-to-use solution for work management is now available as SaaS. To say the least, there are not many true cloud solutions out there. So I am proud to be one of the first to write about Comindware Tracker moved to cloud.

Comindware Cloud is powered by Amazon. It has all the functionality of the on-premise version, including mobile access and API integration for third party applications. The main purpose of Comindware Tracker is automating business processes. Automation features along with Collaborative ones make it possible to keep all the working staff and processes in order.

What will your start with Comindware look like? When your cloud instance is created, you can add users to it using MS Exchange. Then hit the button ‘Unpack solutions’ and you get a bunch of pre-set workflows for different needs. You can rename or modify them. And here – note that you don’t have to think carefully of how better doing it. Do it the way you see it now. Unlike other solutions, Comindware Tracker enables you to modify working processes later, on the run, without interrupting the system work.

This flexibility, so uncommon to huge business solutions is due to the platform of the product. It is build upon a Graph database, so called ElasticData technology that is programmed on the semantic web basis. It means that Comindware Tracker works a bit similar to, let’s say, google. It can link data in many different ways, according to what you need to get. It’s flexibility, impossible with tables, but quite normal with hyperlinks and we have already got used to it in this way. Now we can use it for work.

Work data in Comindware Tracker is available from all over the wold, as with any cloud. The only thing you need to get access to it is to insert your credentials in the browser window. No matter what OS you’re using, the browser can be any.

Monthly subscription is more than affordable. It starts from $25 and can go down to around $16 per user, when volume discounts are applied. It’s great news comparing with the lifetime on-premise license with one payment of $3750 for a 10 users package.

For enterprises that still keep preferring to set up private cloud inside the company, Comindware still provides Comindware Tracker as software as a service.

For more information, visit or request Comindware Tracker trial\demo.

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  • Ivan — Thanks for the accurate review. I’m really glad you see how Comindware Tracker makes team life easier. Users are discovering even more ways to benefit from Comindware’s unique offering: things like Idea Development, Work Discovery, and other Best Practices. I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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