Top 5 Reasons Businesses Should Use Cloud Computing

business cloud computingBusinesses have a lot to gain from cloud computing and as most experts are already predicting, the future of businesses lies strongly on their ability to be able to shift to the cloud. Some business or company owners are still a little reluctant when it comes to actually taking charge and making the change. This itself is ironic since most of them are already most likely on the cloud; they just don’t know it yet. You see, the cloud, is nothing new in terms of invention or application. The entire makeup of the internet is a cloud.

So if you use any web based email service provider, say Gmail or Hotmail, you are essentially already on the web. Same goes if you use Skype, Vimeo, or YouTube. So cloud sharing’ is really the same concept as sharing data over the internet. The difference now is that the cloud, especially the area of cloud storage, has undergone some changes and developments for you the user. Namely, data encryption has deemed it a virtual safe house for important company data. The fact that saving info on the cloud keeps users safe from threats of malware such as corrupting bugs and viruses as well as spyware such as keyloggers and PC monitoring software has helped it become widespread for lucrative businesses.

Asides the safety and overall trend that businesses are following in terms of online existence, here are the top reasons why your business should be using cloud service as of today if it already isn’t.

1. It saves money

The entire point of a business is to make money. If there is a solution which helps you hold on to it as much of it as possible then that itself outdoes any other reason there can possibly be. Unless of course we bring in ethics and morality, which thankfully cloud computing, tussles with neither of. With cloud storage, the need for expensive hardware is eliminated.

2. More Capacity for Storage

Using a cloud storage solution means that there is an unlimited amount of capacity available for you to use as compared to a traditional hard drive and server. The amount of space you use can be increased with time and depends on the need. You can adjust your storage space accordingly anytime.

3. It is Easier then you think

Even if you are not a tech Demigod, you can use the cloud with minimum assistance from the outside. To get it running is a synch and only requires you to pick your service of choice. All the installation and whatnot is taken care of and updates are also automated so that you don’t have to bother with that either.

4. Data Sharing

You don’t have to be anywhere near your office, company premises, or in possession of your smartphone or blackberry either. All you or any other employee needs is simply any system and internet browser. The biggest advantage of this is that different branches or offshoots of your business can be setup easily and quickly just as the original setup was.

5. Get Latest Software for Lower Prices

The best software developments are available for Cloud computing before they trickle down to any other services or get tailored for communication devices. By signing up with a cloud service provider, you gain access to all the latest software without having to pay anything other than your monthly fee, again saving you money.

Author Bio: James Clark has been dabbling in tech news, reviews and more for the past couple of years. His work in computer spy software and cell phone spy software has of late made up most of his focal points and his writing.

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