How Cloud Computing Can Change Your Workplace

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Many companies have huge spaces and servers devoted to computer storage, as well as backup services. But the advent of cloud computing – where computer programs and storage are at an offsite storage area accessed via the internet — is starting to change corporate America. Here are some of the ways that cloud computing is changing the workplace:

Saving space

Instead of having to spend money upgrading hard drives, and backup drives,  and servers, you can have your files up in the cloud. This means that you have a secure place where your files and programs are located, without having to have a backup unit the size of an elephant in your office. Just not having to have such physical space located to disk storage could make a big difference.

Backups are done seamlessly

With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about manually backing things up, or buying an expensive backup system. The cloud has that covered for you. That’s one less thing you will have to deal with in your life. What a relief.

The workplace is everywhere

With the cloud, you  may no longer even have to show up to the office in order to do your work – files can be accessed the same way, through the same cloud, whether you be at home on your couch, on a train with your tablet, or even on the beach with your smartphone. So it increases your ability to telecommute. Of course, this means that even when you’re sick or on vacation, your boss can have you work from home, which means that you are never really away from your workplace.

Weather and emergencies won’t affect the office

Not only can the workplace be accessed no matter where you are, but the cloud means that in the case of a snowstorm, or a local emergency, or other events where you might not be able to get into your office, you can still work via the cloud. That’s good to know if you have an upcoming project that must be completed.

Collaboration can increase

You can work with people from different areas on the same files, and never even meet. Some of these new-style workplaces are happening now, where people who don’t even know each other can work together on a project. You can collaborate in real time and see what changes and suggestions each person has. It’s a whole new world these days.

IT costs can be cut

Without having to manage servers, you don’t have to have as many Information Technology people. In fact, you may be able to get along without one. That could be a big cost savings for a small business.

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