Why Software Consultants have to consider PMRobot: A Review

pmrobot reviewHave you ever tried any project management software? I have tried several, and to say the least, only a few lived up my expectation. Basecamp? Too expensive. Jira? Too feature-specific (tracking) What I want is a simple project management that can help me with my web projects; something that can offer me a good measure of features, but not too overwhelming. I like it simple and powerful.

I have been recommended PMRobot, and I thought I want to have a deeper look into it; to see whether it can help me with my web projects or not.

At first, I was skeptical. The project management software I have tried are typically targeting a general audience. However, PMRobot seems to be happy to serve a niche – software consulting. I thought, “I must be feature-deprived!”

Well, I am happy to report that I was totally wrong. PMRobot is probably the best project management for a software company – or everyone else working with a team – including sub-contractors.

A deeper look

PMRobot is project management software for software consultants. It claims to be your personal project management assistant. I was curious, so I decided to learn more about it.

You see, I don’t own a software consulting company (well, maybe in the near future!) but I run a web business. I built sites for myself and for clients. I also help clients deal with website customizations, especially those using WordPress as a CMS. With that being said, I work with sub-contractors and am in dire need for software who can handle project progress tracking, as well as collaboration.

Looking into the features, PMRobot seems to be superior to popular project management software like Basecamp and Jira due to one fact: PMRobot offers all-in-one project management solution. Check out the feature comparison with the other big players: https://pmrobot.com/features

PMRobot can do the following: Bug tracking, client collaboration, agile project management, file sharing and time tracking. Let’s find out more…

First off, you need to sign up; you can do so using your Google account, or simply enter your email, password, and name. You are good to go.

To kick off, you need to add people involved in the project: As a project manager, you can add employees (if you have any, obviously!) and clients. This step is important to get everybody involved in the project updated with the project progress – including fixing issues as they arise, even adding new tasks along the way (it’s called agile project management.)

Next, you need to create project milestones – steps to take to get the project completed on time. You can add new milestones later on, if your circumstances require you to do so.

After that, you need to create tickets – they are actually a list of tasks to be done in order to reach the milestones. Again, it can be added during the course of the project.

If you are a manager of a project run by a team, you can assign any tickets to the involved employees. You can send notes and ask questions with regard to the tasks.

If you are the only employee in your company, you can add a sub-contractor or more to join the project – then you can assign tickets to them. In this step, PMRobot time tracking feature kicks in – your sub-contractors can set a timer so that they can bill you for the hours they work on your project (if you contract them on hourly-basis.)

As the project manager, you can see everything from your dashboard – notifications, the ticket details – everything. You can also collaborate right from the dashboard.


Looking into how PMRobot functions, I must say that it’s probably the simplest, yet one of the better project management software I’ve ever tried.

PMRobot might not be as flexible as Smartsheet, but it’s answer needs right at the core; get things done in effective and efficient manners.

Regarding pricing, it’s free for one project. For as low as $19/month, you can have 10 active projects in your dashboard. You can add unlimited number of team members and clients for collaborating. For the price list, please go to https://pmrobot.com/pricing

I recommend you to try PMRobot to learn whether the software can help you manage your projects.

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