HelloSign Helps You Sign Documents in the Cloud

hellosign reviewDocument signing is probably the least thing I want to do online. Getting documents faxed, signed and return to the sender is troublesome – and it’s paper wasting – so un-green!

Typing my name on the PDF document might help, but I think it’s not that legally binding. There is always a chance for me and the document issuer to get into legal troubles if any of us are not ethical and scammy. You need some sort of a solution that can help you sign business documents with ease, as well as making the signed documents (more) legal.

If you are looking for legally-binding online document signing solution for your business, you might want to consider HelloSign.

What is HelloSign?

It’s pretty straightforward, really; it helps you in doing one thing only, and it does it so well: HelloSign helps you sign documents online.

HelloSign is the brainchild of Joseph Walla, CEO, who is keen in helping business to reduce paper wastes; he also started HelloFax in 2010 with the same vision.

The startup helps businesses to go paperless, free of charge. According to the official website, HelloSign’s service will always be free. However, there is a plan to introduced paid feature, serving more complex work flows. So, stay tuned!

Sign-up – get 25GB of free cloud storage

You might be very interested in signing up with HelloSign, given the fact that it forms a partnership with Box to offer 25GB of free cloud storage on sign-up. It would be a nice addition, especially if you are serious about bringing your business to the cloud.

To be eligible, you only need to sign up from the home page and then you will receive further instruction via the email you use for the sign up.

Using HelloSign

Using HelloSign is pretty straightforward – logging in, you will see 2 main features: “Sign and send” and “Request signature.”

hellosign account screenshot

Sign and send documents
To sign and send your documents, just upload your document file, choose “Edit and Sign” option. Then you will see your document plus 3 options – add signature, add checkmark and add text.

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to add your signature – you can upload it, draw it in, type in, or take a photo of your signature with your smartphone and send it over to your HelloSign account. After you save the document, you can send it back to the sender’s email.

Requesting signatures
Requesting signature works pretty similar in the other way around – you upload your document file, add Signer’s name and email address, add a “placeholder” to show signer’s where to sign, and you are off to go!

Just like any good cloud solutions, you can also collaborate on signatures – you can have up to 50 of your team members to join HelloSign and get the whole office to go paperless!


HelloSign is a great help for companies wanting to go paperless, as well as for online business owners to deal with contract and agreement signing. It is very simple to use and I think its simplicity is very powerful. In 5 minutes flat I can sign documents online like an expert.

And best of all – it’s free! I strongly recommend you to try HelloSign; no risk to you, anyway…

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