Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Maintenance Software in the Cloud

cloud maintenance softwareFor many growing small businesses, maintenance software is incredibly important. From work orders to HR information, you’re able to manage and track a number of important issues and documents all in one convenient place. But, if you want to make the most of your software, it’s important that you take it to the cloud, which provides 3 main benefits: Convenience, productivity, and accessibility.


As the owner of a company, you certainly don’t have the knowledge that an educated tech person does. Therefore, installing and updating software can be a long and difficult task that involves long phone calls to the manufacturer and hours reading a manual. Choosing online software helps you avoid any messy problems or mistakes.

  • Easy setup: Often times, all it takes for you to setup cloud software is a simple click of the download button. From there, you can customize the program as you’d like and to your own technical abilities.
  • Minimal maintenance: Being online means your updates will either be installed automatically or take very little work. Once notified you will be able to update from within the program, with little to no technical knowledge.


For a growing business, it’s imperative that you take advantage of every chance to be more productive; getting more done in a day saves time and money. However, when you’re searching through stacks of paper on your desk, or digging through filing cabinets, you’re not only wasting time but potentially making a bad impression on customers or partners.

  • Efficiency: Having all your important documents in a searchable format will make the process easier and much faster. You can quickly recall documents for customers in person or on the phone, making a better impression.
  • Organization: By customizing your cloud software, you can have everything in the place it should be. This makes the everyday maintenance issues much easier to manage and prioritize.


The most important reason to have your maintenance software in the cloud is extensive accessibility. When your software is tied to a server online, you can access it from anywhere at any time, giving you greater flexibility. You can leave the office and be confident in accessing documents on the fly. Not to mention, your employees can take advantage as well.

  • Many users: With traditional software, the program has to be installed on multiple computers. Cloud programs allow any approved user to login and access documents, records, etc. This gives your employees the opportunity to take a more important role in their position.
  • Mobility: Running into customers on the go can suddenly be a chance to upsell or communicate more effectively. Almost every cloud program provides a mobile application as well, allowing you to recall old work orders, or write up new ones, on the fly.

With your maintenance software on the cloud, your business is free to continue growing, accomplishing more in the same amount of time. Allow your business to go to the cloud and take advantage of every opportunity possible.

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  • Great article about getting maintenance software from the cloud. One thought I’d like to offer would be for businesses to make sure they know and understand the service level agreement (SLA) of any cloud provider they’re looking into. Using the cloud has many benefits, but could also provide headaches if businesses don’t understand the SLA, and prepare to work with it. While most SLAs aren’t up for much negotiation, they will give businesses a good idea of a cloud’s uptime, the cloud provider’s security, and the processes used by both the provider and business when using the cloud. Businesses should look for SLAs that are simple, transparent and fit well with the business. If the SLA works for both parties, then that’s one more benefit you can add to using the cloud. You can read more about selecting an SLA here: – Lee Rothman, Symantec Corp.