Top 5 Cloud ERP Software Questions

cloud erp software

Taking on an ERP system can bring up different questions, and moving to cloud ERP software can add even more unknowns into the mix. Cloud computing and services are still in relative infancy, and there are subsequently many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how it works.

Here are five important questions that you may have, and should be asking, if you are considering moving your ERP software to the cloud:

Will My Data Be More Secure in the Cloud?

It’s understandable that you would be skeptical about cloud security. After all, if your data is in-house, under your roof as it were, then it’s safe under your control, right? Perhaps, but it’s not as secure as you might think.

Cloud providers, through necessity of their business model, have to invest in the best security expertise possible, so it’s likely they will be better at securing data than your own IT department.

Will We Own Our Data?

In most cases you will, but it would be prudent to check with your provider before you purchase their software.

I Know Cloud ERP Software Is Flexible, But Is It Fast?

System response time with a server-installed ERP system is usually quick, but cloud ERP speed will be dependent on a few things. First, you must make sure that your broadband bandwidth is adequate to accommodate the system. Your ERP provider will be able to talk you through any specifications your internet service must meet in order to use their software effectively.

What if the ERP Provider’s Internet Goes Down?

When your ERP provider’s internet goes down, it will affect your access to your data, but all providers should give you guarantees of uptime as part of a Service Level Agreement. They will also have redundant systems in place that should provide backup against major system failures.

Will We Be Able to Bring ERP Software Back In-House?

Circumstances change, and while the cloud is the by far recommended way to go for ERP, and should definitely be tried out, there may come a time you want to have more control over your data. Some ERP providers only support the cloud, so you will be stuck. It is possible, however, to find providers who will allow you to change your deployment method easily. This is going to be much cheaper than a full new implementation, so check to make sure you have this option before you buy.

About the Author: Post provided by Sandra Bellow on behalf of QAD an innovator in cloud ERP software solutions.

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