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With Cloudfogger you can encrypt files and folders on the client side to secure the use of Dropbox, SkyDrive, and other cloud storage services. The security application is perfect for those who use an online storage service to backup files. High security is achieved through good encryption software and you can download the Cloudfogger app for free. What client side means is that before uploading files to the cloud through your favorite service, the software encrypts the files so that neither hackers nor employees can steal your data. The encryption is a military grade so you can rest a bit easier at night.

When it comes to encryption, you usually have to rely on the provider. For instance with Dropbox you are limited in your protection and must trust in their software. But you can add another layer of security long before the files ever leave your computer. Cloudfogger operates independent of your preferred cloud storage service to increase the strength and safety levels of your files.

With Cloudfogger, files and folders for use with cloud services like Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, and others are easily and securely encrypted. Cloudfogger has many applications and is compatible with the home PC or laptop, Android devices, and the iPhone or iPad. The encryption and decryption processes are performed automatically in the background.

First download the free Cloudfogger app or software. Then map to the directory where Dropbox lives. From there you are installing a Cloudfogger folder into Dropbox. In order to encrypt files in an entire folder, simply drag and drop the folder into the Cloudfogger folder located in your Dropbox. The folder is now copied to the drive and it will automatically encrypt all files in the background is stored in the mapped directory. The encryption and decryption takes place entirely in the background. A look into the real directory shows how the files are stored there in an encrypted form as indicated by the file extension Cfog.

Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, automatically synchronizes the Cloudfogger folder. As an added bonus you can send the encrypted Cloudfogger files to other people. Send encrypted files via email or other services. Once the file is released it is automatically decrypted for the user on the other end. 

Currently Cloudfogger is available for personal computers operating on the Windows platform. Android mobile users also can download and install this application but iPhone users will have to wait a bit longer for the service to be available. Cloudfogger is currently free.

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