6 Cloud Computing Events to Visit in 2012

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Representing the future of the way that we store and retrieve media, documents, programs and other historically local files, cloud computing is changing the very way in which we use devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

Whether you’re a professional along for the ride or a consumer looking to better understand what the future of cloud computing has in store for you, any one of these six cloud computing events to visit in 2012 will help to give you a better understanding of the many facets of this burgeoning technology:

1. Cloud Computing World Forum

Cloud Computing World Forum

With events set to be held in London, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, New York City and Mumbai, the Cloud Computing World Forum represents the pinnacle of networking with cloud professionals. Thousands of attendees are expected at each location with hundreds of seminars, workshops and exhibits all aiming to help visitors to not only understand the basics of cloud computing but to give them the knowledge required to make this growing technology work for them, both at home and in the workplace.

The city: London

2. 10th International Cloud Expo

10th International Cloud Expo

Combining a look at both cloud computing and so-called “big data,” the upcoming 10th International Cloud Expo to be held in New York City offers sessions aimed at professionals and their need to integrate cloud technology into their business models. Hailed as the biggest cloud event in the world, Cloud Expo will feature talks from the top players in the industry with workshops focusing on key issues lead by the same, all in an effort to make you and your business cloud-ready and future-proof.

The city: The official NYC city guide

3. Cloud Connect Chicago

Cloud Connect Chicago

Expected to draw more than 1,200 professionals from the world of IT and cloud services, Cloud Connect 2012 will make its home in Chicago after several years of success in Silicon Valley. Events at Cloud Connect seek to embrace all attendees, from the very green to the super experienced, offering crash course workshops intended to give visitors information ranging from helpful overviews to in-depth looks at what the future of cloud computing and big data hold for both businesses and consumers.

The city: Chicago and Chicago tourist attractions

4. IEEE Cloud 2012

IEEE Cloud 2012

Sporting the theme “change we are leading,” IEEE Cloud 2012 is a unique event aimed at professionals involved in services computing and offering a series of events of resource gathering sessions aimed at players residing in every facet of the cloud value chain. This highly-technical conference may not be suitable for the layperson but presents an incredible value to those in the know where the truly technical side of cloud computing is concerned.

The city: Honolulu, Hawaii

5. Cloud Management Summit 2012

Cloud Management Summit 2012

Set to be hosted in Mountain View, California, the home of cloud giant Google, the Cloud Management Summit 2012 event promises to focus on the coming decisions that corporate leaders will face as they work to position their companies for success in light of this rapidly spreading technology. The summit will be composed of a series of workshops, each focusing on individual aspects of the cloud and its effect on big business, including performance management, access control, application deployment and management, storage and security and more!

The city: Mountain View, CA

6. Cloud Channel Summit

Cloud Channel Summit

Another cloud-based event to be held in beautiful Mountain View, the Cloud Channel Summit is the second iteration of this conference, continuing its focus on the necessity of strong partnerships between software vendors, cloud managers and cloud users. Networking opportunities will abound as the best and brightest that the industry has to offer mingle and work to establish new best practices and new, profitable relationships.

About the Author: Jessy is a WAHM blogging on technology, gadgets and cloud computing

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  • Shows how knowledgeable this resource is… Or not as the case may be. What about Cloud Slam’12 and UP 2012? Combined these events attracted over 25,000 global attendees in 2011.

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      Maybe our writer should be adding your Cloudcor’s events to make this post 8 – not 6 – cloud computing events to visit in 2012… or not. It’s her personal opinion, so thanks for your recommendations!