Cloud-based Agile Project Management Software: Yodiz Review

yodiz reviewAre you involved in software project management and development? If so, you might want to consider Yodiz. What is Yodiz, and how it can help you and your company in developing software – in the cloud?

What is Yodiz?

In software business, there are many methods to get things done efficiently and effectively. One of them is Scrum. Scrum is an agile software development method for managing software projects and product or app development.

Yodiz is one of online project management software that is built upon the methods of scrum and agile project development, allowing you to develop projects better, as well as tracking issues well.

The cloud-powered Yodiz also takes software development to the social-sphere, allowing businesses to develop and manage projects better by connecting, engaging and sharing issues and progress via social media.

Features and benefits

Yodiz provider 3 key features:

1. Role-based specialized screens

Yodiz offers a single dashboard for developers to track everything they are responsible for – you can access your very own to-do list, allowing you to organize your work easily. You can also access interactive, visual presentation of your project progress.

2. Agile management

This is what makes Yodiz stand out: Scrum agile software development solution. As Scrum involves interactive and incremental agile software development, backlogs play important roles. You can manage both “sprints” (a sprint is the basic unit of development in Scrum, lasting between 1 week and 1 month) and backlogs.

The highlight: Kanban Scrum Board, allowing you to track sprint progress and view the big picture of your software projects. Obviously, you can also track product backlogs, dependencies, issues and recent activities.

Indeed, Yodiz enables you to respond on things on the fly, as the situation requires you (this is the essence of agile software development – flexibility and agility.)

3. Issue tracking

Yodiz empowers you to collaborate in a simpler way – your software development team can discuss and gets real-time notifications (and powerful reports) about what’s going on with the project. You can also discover issues right away, again, in real-time.

Here are some tutorial videos to see how things work with Yodiz:

Yodiz vs. its competitors

Yodiz, of course, is not without competitors. Yodiz’ main competitor is Atlassian’s Jira, as both are developed upon the same agile project management principles.

Although both are feature-rich, there are some things that I personally think give Yodiz an edge. Here are some of them:

1. Pricing

Yodiz is small business friendly – it is free to use up to 5 users, while Jira charge $10/month for up to 10 users. So if your business software development team consists of 15 users or less, Yodiz is more cost-effective.

2. Agile management solution

Both Yodiz and Jira allow you to track everything related to project development and management – and make changes along the way, easily. However, in term of progress tracking, I favor Yodiz for its Kanban Scrum Board, allowing you to see the big picture of your project.

3. Access to demo

What I want during my search for apps is the ability for me to try without any commitment. I also don’t want my emails and other details being used just to give a solution a try. I don’t want offers and notification sent to my email address, especially originating from a solution I decided not to use. Yodiz allows you to access live demo with dummy email and password; Jira allows you to try for free if you enter your details – a major turn-off for me.


Although I want to see more add-ons with Yodiz, it is doing what it needs to do exceptionally well: Scrum agile project management – with the exceptional customization and reporting.

The social collaboration feature is great – think of Yodiz social collaboration feature as using social sites in a business-oriented format.

Small and medium business decision makers – I recommend you to give Yodiz a try – better yet, give Yodiz live demo a try – and see whether it can help you better manage your software projects.

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  • Hello Ivan

    Thanks a lot for covering Yodiz in your blog, good to read your review

    Yodiz Team

  • Alexander

    There are definitely more competitors who developed upon the same project management principles. They may even have more features to offer than the products mentioned above. I suggest you try You will like their pricing as it is free for as many users as possible (you are only limited by 1 GB of storage space). Besides in order to start using it you don’t have to fill out a huge form either. Just your name, email and portal address.

  • I Tried Yodiz. I like the Agile Management in Social Manner, Task Board, Issue Board. Yodiz keep it up….

  • Albert pinto

    Yodiz seems to be nice software! I will surely try it, but at this time I want to recommend another cloud base agile project management software named as Proofhub.

  • Manali

    I have tried yodiz…But I have also come across one more agile tool named Eyeagile which is completely a cloud based platform and integrates all the basic software management processes with some differentiated features like visual project management, in-text doc searching, actionable meeting and many more.