The Benefits Of Switching To A Cloud Web Hosting

cloud hosting benefitsWebsite hosting is a very important issue that should be considered early on in the process of developing a website. There is no way a site can go online without being hosted. Therefore, it is important for you to consider the different web hosting methods available so that you can come up with the best choice. There are several different types of web hosts. Cloud web hosts are a good example. This article is going to explain to you the benefits of switching to a cloud web hosting.

Cloud hosting is new to the market. Many people do not know what it is. Well, simply put, it is a type of hosting that utilizes the resources of several servers. Therefore, your website uses virtual resources from the different servers so as to get all that is needed for it to be hosted. The work is shared equally, security is ensured and the hardware is available for virtual use. The groups of servers are known as clouds.

This type of hosting is ideal for websites that have outgrown the capabilities of shared servers. If a site receives a lot of traffic that shared hosting cannot handle, then it is time to upgrade. Most of the time people advance to dedicated servers, though they are very expensive and require a lot of resources and expertise.

That is why you should look at cloud hosting. There are several reasons as to why this type of hosting is the best choice. These reasons are explained below.

Scalability is one of them. This is where you get to access resources you need as you grow. If your site is receiving a lot of traffic, you can gather more clouds to help handle it. Same case applies when the traffic goes down. You can release some of the clouds. Therefore, users cannot notice any degradation in service despite the changes.

Reallocate Resources Immediately
With this type of hosting, you are also able to get additional services immediately. Normally, when you need any additional services such as increased bandwidth and space, you have to request the customer service, which takes a lot of time and might lead to suspension of your site, especially if you are using shared servers. However, in cloud hosting you are able to increase or decrease your resources whenever you need them.

Pay For What You Use
Another advantage with this type of hosting is that you pay for what you use. This helps you save a lot of money. In dedicated server hosting, you have to pay for all the resources no matter how your site is performing. So, it ends up being too expensive for you. However, with this type of hosting you pay for the resources your site uses. If your site is not doing well you pay less and pay more when there is high traffic.

Those are just a couple of the many benefits of switching to a cloud web hosting. You get to enjoy more privileges than when using a shared server and pay less than when using a dedicated server. Therefore, if your website has outgrown shared server hosting, it is perhaps time for you to upgrade to this type of hosting! is a website offering free, web-based time tools such as countdowns, timers and online alarm clocks. Online Clock uses cloud webhosting environments exclusively and they are strong proponents of cloud hosting in general. Visit to get a good idea of the speed and dependability available for your web applications if you switch to a cloud hosting.

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