Cloud Computing ROI: Survey Reveals Businesses are Ready for Increased Short Term Costs for Long Term Gains

cloud computing roiIDG Enterprise has just released cloud computing survey results regarding cloud computing adoption, usage, investment plans and vendor requirements, according to a Marketwire press release. The survey on 1,650 IT and security decision makers reveals some interesting fact – one of them is with regard to the costs of cloud computing adoption.

First off, the survey reveals that there is a strong growth in cloud computing investments, indicating that the cloud will remain businesses’ key to competitiveness in the future. 34 percent of respondents’ IT budget is allocated to cloud computing solutions and 63 percent will increase their IT spending in the next 12 months, averaging an increase of 16 percent in spending.

Businesses are ready to spend more on the cloud for the future

Here’s the highlight of the survey, with regard to cloud computing adoption return on investment (ROI): Businesses are ready for an increased short term costs related to cloud computing in exchange for a long term cost savings.

Check it out – 63 percent of survey respondents are either agree or strongly agree that they are focusing on the future, willing to spend more on cloud computing implementation for the future.

Some thoughts on the IDG Enterprise survey results

With regard to cloud adoption ROI, that’s still a cloudy area in cloud computing adoption. I personally not sure that many organizations really calculate the cloud ROI – the lingering uncertainty related to cloud computing, such as cloud security and implementation issues among others contributes to the complexity of cloud ROI calculations.

Here’s a question yet to answer: Is the cloud as good as what’s shown on paper? Will the cloud delivers its promises? Is the cloud really save money in the long term?

Further cloud computing researches will reveal those in time. Meanwhile, it seems that if you are really want to bring your business to the cloud, you need to do your due diligence using the available tools, referring to case studies of others successfully adopting the cloud and save money in the process.

To help you gaining insight, try this white paper on the cloud’s promises and realities – download for free here.

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