Box OneCloud: Centralize your Mobile Content on Box Cloud

box onecloud reviewWe have just written a Jolicloud Me review a moment ago, and we think it’s cutting edge, in a sense that you can grab everything from your web accounts, organize things and access them from one, single dashboard. A couple of days ago, it’s time for Box – one of the leading cloud storage and file sharing services – to jump into the similar data aggregation but focusing on businesses, launching Box OneCloud. Playing follow the leader? Maybe or maybe not, but the service is promising; that’s what important to users, after all. Read on.

What is Box OneCloud?

Box OneCloud – as the tag line says: “Finally. All Your Mobile Content in One Place.” – collects your mobile content into a single, secure Box cloud.

As Box boasts flexibility – allowing you to work with many third party apps – this “cloud unification” means that you can manage and work on everything from a single dashboard – like Jolicloud Me does, but with business flavors and much more options, in my opinion.

Just like what Rafe Needleman wrote on CNET, such flexibility simply doesn’t exist with most mobile and web apps, typically handling their own storage of users data.

Check out this powerful Box OneCloud official video presentation showing you how it can help you and your business to work across multiple platforms to get things done properly and quickly…

Super-flexible, productivity-enhancing and simplicity in working on such complex business activities.


Box OneCloud is very promising… and if you think the capabilities it offers right now are powerful, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Box CEO Aaron Levie said that there is more to come with Box OneCloud, as it’s just the first phase of the development.

So, what’s in the future for Box OneCloud? Arron wants the supported apps to offer native support. Native support will allow files created in an app on OneCloud to be accessed by another app seamlessly. This will be a grand project by Box and its team of developers.

With such clear intention, I would personally stick to my Box account and just benefit from the future developments. How about you? Please share your thoughts on Box OneCloud by leaving a comment on this article…

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