Jolicloud Me Review: Your Very Own Personal Cloud

jolicloud me reviewAre you looking for ways to better-organize your digital life in the cloud? If so, you maybe end up using cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Box. However, they arrange folders like your good old laptop or PC. How about a cloud-based service that allows you to search your online assets from your social media accounts and organize them in a neat way – in the cloud? Introducing, your brand new personal cloud, Jolicloud Me.

What is Jolicloud Me?

Jolicloud Me is a personal cloud platform allowing you to search for and organize your online assets aggregated from many sources, initially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa, and present them in a single, well-designed interface. To me, it looks like your personal Pinterest.

Just introduced in March 19, 2012, the cloud app is a further development of Jolicloud Desktop, thanks to customer feedback; people want more than just a desktop – they want their data, scattered everywhere on online accounts, to be gathered, organized and accessed from a single dashboard.

jolicloud me personal cloud
Jolicloud Me screenshot

Seemingly similar to cloud storage services like Dropbox, it’s actually a totally different thing. The aim of Jolicloud Me is to maintain a connection of your online assets, making sense of them all and present them in a neat, well-organized way.

Jolicloud Me is the next-gen cloud app developed by Jolicloud, founded in 2009 by Tariq Krim and Romain Huet, headquartered in Paris, France. Other Jolicloud products include Jolicloud Desktop, Joli OS (the company’s first product,) and Jolibook.

I personally enjoy how Jolicloud Me can help me gather my data scattered on the social media accounts I have. That way, I can search what I was up to, say, 5 years ago when I started using social media and kicked off my online business, and organize them the way I want it. Indeed, the cloud app is a real solution for me – I recommend you to try Jolicloud Me.

Jolicloud Me is now in private beta – you can request an invite to see whether it’s the right personal cloud solution for you.

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