Go Private Cloud? HP CloudSystem Matrix can Help you

hp cloudsystem matrixThere is a hot trend right now in cloud computing: Businesses are starting to realize that public cloud, despite all the upsides, falls short mainly in reliability and security. The outages, the security loopholes, etc. – all make business decision makers thinking that it’s about time to bring back their data from public cloud to on-premise, private cloud for greater control that will naturally thwart mainly privacy issues and data jurisdiction issues.

There are many private IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions today – one of them is HP CloudSystem Matrix.

What is HP CloudSystem Matrix?

HP CloudSystem Matrix is a self-service platform for private cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) enabling you to automatically provision infrastructure and applications in minutes and optimize them, thus increasing uptime for your overall IT infrastructure and reduced total cost of ownership up to 56%.

To sum, HP CloudSystem Matrix helps you to get things up and running quickly and save money on IT infrastructure.

More benefits for business: The cloud platform supports your business growth without additional IT spending for servers and devices. What’s more, you can minimize the risk of IT and cloud sprawl.

To see whether HP CloudSystem Matrix is the right solution for you, check out this guide…

hp cloudstream matrix solution brief

HP CloudSystem Matrix: Benefits of Private Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service Today

This solution brief will help you understand the benefits of the HP CloudSystem Matrix.

So, what do you think? Is go private the way to go? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post.

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