Cloud Computing at a Glance

what is cloud computingCloud computing is a new wave of computer technology that is paving new grounds for the way we operate computers. Cloud computing is just old enough that big business have already invested in it but still so new that many small business and many more consumers are unaware of its existence. Some of us know almost everything about it and others are looking to sky searching for a computer in the clouds. No need to be ashamed though that you have not yet defined its use or purpose.

Simply put, cloud computing is a virtual storage for all of your digital files. Files saved on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone can all be shared without having to connect them to each other. Gone are the days where you needed 15 different hard drives to store all of your data on and gone are the days when you were forced to have a spider web of wires all over your office to make sure you could sync all of your devices together.

Cloud computing does something that the computer industry has been literally starving for; it makes it easy.

Cloud computing is a technological leap that many companies are now diving right into. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and many others are now offering cloud computing solutions for businesses and consumers. Apple has created a very successful cloud computing solution known as iCloud, which has totally changed the landscape of their devices. You can now have iCloud set up on all of your iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) and all of your downloads sync to each device with no cables needed at all. You are also able to store all of your music and apps inside the cloud instead of just on one or two or three devices.

Storage is a key concept for cloud computing as it gives consumers the ability to store all of their files and data into a virtual hard drive or “cloud storage”. Many companies offer a small amount of storage space free of charge and then offer more space at a tiered level for a monthly fee. Many people enjoy this as it is a secure and easy way of storing their data. They do not have to be concerned about losing their hard drive not do they have to worry about the hard drive becoming corrupted. Everything is kept on a secure online server that is backed up by the company that you are using.

Cloud computing eliminates the need to have a mess of cables running around since it allows for computers to be able to sync with each other wirelessly. I’m sure you can remember the times where you had a bundle of cable spaghetti lying around in your office. You had more cables than you knew what to do with and all of them were being used to sync your equipment together in one way or another. Well now, you don’t really have to worry about that since cloud computing software gives you a great ability to have all of your data synced over to your computers without you having to use a million different cables.

Cloud computing has truly changed the way that we use computers. Back in “the day” (the day being about 2-3 years ago), people had to manage their data closely to make sure they were not running out of hard drive space and they had to carry many different cables in order to be able to sync with everything. I know some people are still lugging around laptop bags with 2 or 3 cables that are, in this day in age, no longer needed. Cloud computing has made computers and internet usage a much easier and less stressful tool to use. Who knows, maybe in another 2 or 3 smartphones will be smart enough to do everything without the need of laptops or tablets.

About the Author: Claudia Salinas is a web marketing specialist who advises clients on everything from Credit Card Processing to which cloud tools recommended for clients.

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