Ninja Blocks (and Ninja Cloud) connect your Life with the Cloud

ninja blocks crowdfunding projectTypically, cloud apps and solutions allow you to take your digital life to the cloud – either it’s for individual or business purposes. Consider this: When you snap a photo using your digital camera, now you can store it on Dropbox and/or share it with your friends via Facebook. When you are working on a business project, now you can do so using an online collaboration tool, allowing you and your team to work on the same project.

But what about your physical surrounding? Can you connect – say – your home’s room lighting to the cloud? Yes, now the cloud-enabled hardware can help you to do just that. Now let’s take that a step further: How about a hardware that can help you automatically do something on the web when physical triggers happen? If that interests you, then you should consider Ninja Blocks.

What is Ninja Blocks? What is Ninja Cloud?

Ninja Blocks is a gadget that bridges your life with the web. It is a powerful open source hardware supported by a web app called Ninja Cloud. Ninja Cloud lets you control your Ninja Blocks using an “if-then” command – without writing a single line of code.

There are currently 5 sensors available in Ninja Blocks: Light, humidity, distance, motion, and push button. With those 5 sensors, you can tell Ninja Blocks to do many things for you.

For example: Take a picture of your front lawn and save it to Dropbox when movement is detected – useful as, say, a security cam letting you know when there are intruders in your premise. Here’s another one: How about getting a notification on your smartphone or Twitter when you’ve got a package at your doorstep while you are away?

If those examples still confuse you, check out this video to learn more about Ninja Blocks and how it works:

Where to get Ninja Blocks?

Unfortunately, it’s not available in the market just yet; it’s a Kickstarter crowdfunding project that is yet to launch, seeking project funding via crowdfunding. The good thing of funding the project is that you can actually get Ninja Blocks even before it’s launched in the market.

The project deadline is March 10, 2012 – so if you want to help funding the project and also be one of the first who grab a hold of Ninja Blocks, go to Ninja Blocks project page at Kickstarter.

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