How to Start a Cloud Business with VMware VCIM

start a cloud service providerStarting a cloud business is not that difficult after all. Just ask Matthew Lodge, VMware’s senior directory for cloud services, in this article from ReadWriteCloud. Introducing, VMware’s cloud service assembly tool vCloud Integration Manager (VCIM) – a tool that can help you pool your business’ excess IT resources and sell them as cloud services to your customers.

How VCIM can help you start a cloud business

Like what I mentioned above, VMware‘s VCIM can help you make use of your excess computing power and storage capacity, making them public, and reselling them as a cloud service offerings.

This tool is a great for businesses that build a private cloud infrastructure finding a way to utilize their unused capacity, turning it from overhead into potential income maker – helping you to start a cloud service provider relatively easy.

That being said, as long as your business is using vCloud Director, a tool that secure and control your private cloud, you can use VCIM to automate your offered service provisioning.

The purpose of VCIM is to securely delegate the selling and provisioning of the new cloud business to business partners or resellers. With VCIM, resellers can sell this product to their own customers without the need to sending activation requests to the cloud service provider – resellers can instantly make the service available, the DIY style.

VCIM is API based – so, your resellers can integrate your cloud services with their internal systems, such as CRM.

VMware plans to add more capabilities to VCIM, including the automation of capacity aggregation, allowing the cloud service providers to accommodate a surge in resource consumptions and such.

So, what do you think? Is VCIM a great solution to capitalize on excess compute resources? Share your opinion by leaving your comment on this post.

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