2012 Top Cloud Applications for Business

cloud apps for businessRunning your business in the cloud now has become a competitive advantage. Compared to those non cloud-enabled businesses, your business in the cloud enjoys all the goodness of the cloud.

If you are creating a sound strategy and following the best practices in cloud computing adoption, your business is now more flexible, more productive, adapting well toward changes and run in efficient and effective manners. Furthermore, your business innovations are enhanced – thanks to the capabilities offered by the cloud.

Of course, with all the cloud computing risks and issues some businesses experience, such as cloud outages and security leaks, you need to consider your options well, such as choosing the right cloud apps for your business.

Cloud apps for business: Which ones?

To help you out in your endeavor in looking for the best cloud apps for your busine3ss, we have searched the web and found these 5 of the best lists of top cloud apps for business of 2011. Here are the lists:

1. Top 10 Enterprise Cloud Apps and Services of 2011

ReadWriteWeb has published the top 10 list of enterprise cloud apps and services last month. The list consists of some of the leading cloud service providers, such as Xeround. Related to this list, you might want to also consider ReadWriteWeb’s Top 10 Consumer Cloud Applications of 2011 – a list of 10 cloud apps for consumers that can also help businesses to function in the cloud.

2. The Top 20 Cloud Software & Apps Vendors of 2011

Ranging from productivity tools to CRM software in the cloud, CRN features a slideshow featuring Top 20 cloud apps vendors of 2011 – all will add more power to your business. The slideshow is part of CRN’s top 100 cloud computing vendors of 2011 that features everything cloud, from cloud apps vendors to cloud infrastructure vendors.

3. 10 Best Cloud Applications for 2011

A good list of cloud applications for business and personal uses that I have personally used most of them. As I am a business owner myself, I got to say that the listed cloud apps can help you do business better, especially if yours is a small business or a one-man business.

4. 2012 Best Hardware, Software, and Cloud Services

InfoWorld’s Test Center reveals the best in technology in 2012. The article is not really a list nor entirely featuring cloud software; however, the article recaps you some of the best in the cloud. For the actual list, please visit InfoWorld’s 2012 Technology of the Year Award winners.

5. Top 25 Online Project Management Software

The infographic – courtesy of GetApp.com – shows you 25 of the best online project management software. Sure, while not all of them are true cloud software, but they are all web-based, allowing you to run your business in the cloud, and that’s all that matters, I think.

So, there you go – 5 reputable lists of cloud apps for business. If you have another good list to recommend, be sure to leave a comment on this post.

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