Cloud Computing and its impact on Local TV

watch tv in the cloudSince the beginning of the TV age, manufacturers have been looking on improving how their customers can watch TV. It started with colored pictures, moved onto being able to record shows onto tapes, then to TIVO, and onwards to DVR. Now the question is this: “How can we watch TV, without being in front of the TV?”

The fad for many households is having the ability to be anywhere in the house, and still be able to keep up with the news, social media, or even their soap operas. Any owner of a laptop or handheld device can keep up with their favorite shows without having to be located in the living room or on the bed (generally where ever a TV is located) with new innovations.

The Cloud

When the techno-logic age approached, it seemed all documents were being saved onto floppy disks, computers, and flash drives. Now, customers are wondering how they can save their confidential data from disappearing out of existence.

Cloud now offers more than just the ability to store files and photos; users can now keep up with their favorite shows via Cloud TV. The customer can either choose a show from a wide selection of archives, or stream live TV. Cloud TV has the ability to be completely wireless and antenna free, with the added bonus of over 2500 channels.

Local TV – A Thing of the Past

A main argument for Cloud TV is thoughts of whether Cloud TV will put local TV out of business; almost like the Internet killing the newspaper industry. With basic TV, the viewer has to be where ever the TV is, but with Cloud TV, the viewer can watch their favorites on the bus, at work, or even while out camping. As long as the user has a good charge, and a good stock of files saved to their Cloud Network.

The basis of Cloud TV is to allow customers to view favorite shows, news, and music entertainment without the need to be chained to a television. This is great because many customers can catch up on later seasons of series or shows with just a couple of clicks or finger taps. Much better than having to shuffle through DVDs or waiting on reruns or marathons on TV.

Companies Jumping On

Many companies are finding the thought of Cloud TV taking over to be a possibility. Sony is putting their foot in the door on creating a better version of television. “Cloud Stuff” is the title of the Sony products that are going to been launched in the future; offering games, entertainment, and social networking will be offered with the launch.

Some companies such as ABC and Hulu are allowing them to have an unlimited stream to their customers who are supporting Cloud TV with no waiting needed. Treated just like television, the shows ran with commercials (which some find as a downfall of television), so it is possible to have small breaks while watching.

End Result

The wave of Cloud TV is just catching on, and many predict that viewing shows from television and the Internet will just merge together entirely. The estimated time of final arrival is still up in the air, since technology is continually changing.

For now, the best bet is to enjoy television while the ability is still there. It won’t be too long before television will be a thing of the past, and all of those who grew up scheduling their lives around the telly will have to adjust to a change. While many are hoping for a better way to view television with being shackled down, there are still a handful of viewers who don’t want to see the end of family get together time.

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