3 Free Cloud Computing Resources

free cloud computing resources

As a business decision maker, you can’t overlook the ever-growing cloud computing trends. Whether you are a business owner or an executive of a company, you need to – at least – understand what cloud computing is and how it can solve problems (or add new problems?) to your organization.

To help you in your endeavor, I would like to recommend these 3 free cloud computing resources that can help you grasp the idea of cloud computing and address the all-important issues in cloud computing – enjoy the 3 free cloud computing resources, and be enlightened!

1. Cloud Computing For Startups
This free cloud computing resource is best fit with budding entrepreneur; you will find out how your business startup can take advantage of the cloud as a new way to launch your startup quickly. You can also learn about all the hype (and fuss?) around cloud computing, including finding out whether the cloud can benefit your business and some common cloud computing myths to debunk.

2. Demystifying The Cloud
This no-fuss guide helps you understand the concepts of cloud computing in easy to understand manner. Inside, you can find the concepts and terminologies of cloud computing, as well as useful intro to Amazon Web Services (AWS,) Google App Engine and Microsoft Windows Azure. Its target audience is developers who want to gain understanding on the fundamental of cloud computing, but it can serve its purpose well for decision makers with IT knowledge.

3. Host Your Web Site in the Cloud
Aimed at web developers or online presence decision maker, this resource can guide you to host your website in the cloud using tools that allow you to host a well-trafficked website well, including handling sudden surge or traffic that will typically burden your servers big time. You can also learn how to use the cloud to host your existing apps or build new ones, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations in any sizes.

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  • Thanks for including my eBook, Demystifying The Cloud in the list. The latest edition (now includes OpenStack and Cloud Foundry) can be downloaded from http://www.getcloudready.com/ebooks .

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      Thanks for the information, Jani!