ElasticHosts Review: True Cloud Hosting Solution

elastichosts reviewWe understand that running true cloud hosting business is challenging; we have been involved as a client of a web hosting company that has now divested its cloud hosting services due to technical difficulties that all leads to less-than-stellar uptime and poor overall performance. That being said, as a client, I was disappointed as I expect great things from hosting my websites in the cloud.

Nevertheless, it’s survival for the fittest out there in the cloud hosting market; cloud hosting companies come and go, but only the strongest ones survive. One of the leading true cloud hosting service on the web today is ElasticHosts; I would like to recommend you to review what’s being offered by the cloud hosting service provider.

Why ElasticHosts?

There are some key players in cloud hosting arena, but you might want to have a second look on ElasticHosts Cloud Server Hosting, for some reasons…

ElasticHosts is a true cloud hosting service provider

We know the cloud washing “tricks” – slap the word “cloud” into your non-cloud business, and voila! You are now becoming a “cloud” business offering “cloud” services to customers (please mind the double-quotes…)

Yes, we understand that the Internet is one, big cloud and everything done with Internet-based technology practically puts you business in the cloud. However, it’s misleading, really.

ElasticHosts, on the other hand, offers all the goodness of cloud technologies: It’s scalable, allowing you to pay only for the resources you use, and enabling you to can create servers in real time – all comes with 100% availability, guaranteed; true cloud service, indeed.

Competitive pricing

You can choose between 2 types of pricing plan: Via pay-as-you-go plan, starting from 4p/6c per hour or via monthly subscription, starting from £29/$44 per month.

To give you an idea or two on how much you should expect to pay for ElasticHosts cloud hosting services, check out the cloud server pricing.

How things work with ElasticHosts cloud hosting’s backend

To demonstrate how things work inside ElasticHosts cloud hosting’s control panel, including to see how simple it is to scale your server, check out this demo video:

Free trial offer

A demo video above is helpful, but nothing more helpful than giving it a try – ElasticHosts offers free cloud server trial to give you an opportunity to test the features, as well as to see whether cloud hosting is what you need for your websites.

The free trial offer will last for 5 days, and your free trial account will let you enjoy all the features available to full accounts: You can choose whichever server you need and set things up as you wish, such as your choice of operating systems, apps and configurations. You can also test the scalability of the servers in real time, and yes – you can actually work with your server.

Signing up is easy – just fill in your details, including your credit card details to avoid fraudulent trials and you are good to go.

If you think ElasticHosts answers your needs and fulfill your expectations, you can seamlessly upgrade to a full account anytime you wish, with no service interruption – again, all in real time.


ElasticHosts offers true cloud hosting service that allows you to enjoy the power of cloud computing. It’s not your typical web hosting providers claiming that they offer you “cloud” hosting.

You should expect your cloud hosting provider to offer you virtualization while allowing you to have your data stored in the cloud redundantly; ElasticHosts can offer you those.

Overall reviews from the web is pretty good (just type “elastichosts review” from your favorite search engine, and you’ll see what I mean) – so, I genuinely recommend you to make use of the free trial offer to test things out before you decide to go for full account.

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