FilesAnywhere Cloud Storage Review

filesanywhere reviewWhen it comes to cloud storage, there are plenty of options available today. The ability for a cloud storage provider to get clients is by differentiation of services offered. One of the better cloud storage providers is FilesAnywhere.

What is FilesAnywhere?

FilesAnywhere is one of the first cloud-based file storage and sharing company that has been around since 1999. It is an established online storage company (since 1999) that offers you a lot more than just online file storage. Just like any good cloud businesses, it continues to improve the underlying technology and develop new features.

File storage/backup

You can store your files – documents, music, video – basically anything, really. You can also sync your desktop folders and easily upload/download files from/to a desktop client. You can use FilesAnywhere service to backup your data and restore them when needed. Not only your typical files and documents, you can also use the service to backup almost anything, such as your Twitter log.

File sharing and online collaboration

Not only managing files in the cloud, FilesAnywhere allows you to share your files and collaborate online. You can share links with your friends, colleagues and family; you can also work on a file with your business team.

Connectivity and accessibility

FilesAnywhere lets you work with third-party service provider, like Salesforce. It is also mobile devices-friendly, allowing access to your account – including the ability to send fax using your iPhone, iPad and Android devices using FilesAnywhere mobile apps.

Free phone support

Feeling lost and need assistance? FilesAnywhere offers free phone support, worldwide (live phone support on weekdays, 9 AM to 9 PM EST.) Please call 855-SYNC-NOW (855-796-2669) if you are in the US or 972-893-3301 if you are outside US.

FilesAnywhere’s focus on security

FilesAnywhere focuses on what’s important to us all: Data security.

SSL encryption login, firewall, shared access control, unauthorized access prevention, data encryption… these security measures ensure that your data is safe in the cloud.

To learn more about the features visually, check out FilesAnywhere’s YouTube channel.

Sign-up process, plans and pricing

Signing up is easy. Just fills in your details and you are good to go.

I recommend you to sign up for the free plan (it’s somewhat limited in features – you can upgrade anytime you wish) to try things out. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy a plan with unlimited features with full support, you can sign up for a 10-day free trial.

For the free plan, you will get 1GB of storage space. There are some limitations, like only 1 user allowed and your download is limited to 25MB for each file. The good thing is that signing up doesn’t require your credit cards.

For the 10-day free trial, you will get unlimited access to every feature. However, your credit card details are required to sign up for this. For more information about the free trial, please read this instruction from the knowledge base.

There are several plans available for you to choose. In general, signing up for a better plan means access to more features, as well as better security for your data. For a complete overview on what you will get with various plans, check out the FilesAnwhere features.

Just like any other true cloud services, you can upgrade your account and pay only what you use, creating your own custom cloud storage service plan. So, yes – you can scale up and down as you wish.

FilesAnywhere: My Verdict

FilesAnywhere is pretty straightforward to use. Just sign up and in less than 2 minutes you can start working with your cloud storage account.

Inside, everything is well-organized. You can do anything with your files from the navigation bars. If I should name one thing FilesAnywhere can improve, I would say the front-end design features.

The interface could adopt better visual design; although FilesAnywhere looks better than Google Apps, its lack of visual appeals Office 365 has. To compare apple to apple, my ideal front-end of a cloud storage provider is Box and Dropbox – clean and sleek design, plus the ability to drag and drop files.

One more thing: I would like to see FilesAnywhere to have the “openness” like Box – Box boasts the ability to connect with hundreds of third party apps; The cloud storage service can work Salesforce, but it would be great if FilesAnywhere can connect with more apps in the future – it would appeal people who have accounts with many web apps like me.

I recommend you FilesAnywhere for its security and experience in cloud storage (and yes – to me, experience matters!) Just sign up for the free plan or the free trial plan and see whether FilesAnywhere is the right cloud solution for you and your business.

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  • TheCrabby

    I cannot recommend this service. There are so many better, cheaper, alternatives like box, dropbox, onedrive, etc. Service is extremely slow compared to others, much more expensive and has horrible billing practices.