How to Use Mobile Cargo Tracking Cloud Apps and Cloud Storage Simultaneously to Track Your Cargo Containers

cloud cargo tracking

Mobile cloud technology allows you to do almost anything via your mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad via the availability of various cloud apps, such as a global-positioning system (GPS) mobile application that you can download on your iPhone and iPad. Learn how to use cloud storage service and cargo tracking cloud apps simultaneously right from your mobile devices from this article…

Cargo tracking cloud apps

To track cargo containers, you need to download a mobile apps for cargo/package tracking purposes. Some examples of ship tracker mobile applications are:

  • AIS Live Mobile
  • Ship Tracking
  • Package Tracker Pro
  • Shipping Rates Pro
  • Cargo Decoder
  • Ship Finder
  • My DAT Tracker Scores
  • Marine Ship Book

Other sites such as,,, Ship Tracking, and are great ship trackers that operate with Google Maps to show you real-time locations and coordinates of ships out at sea. You will need to log in to a ship tracker site with a username and password. When you log in to the site again later, you will most likely need a tracking number—the tracking number is the code you must have to inquire as to the status of your package and the ship that carries it.

The ship tracker applications operates on GPS capability. Therefore, using global positioning system capacity, all you need to do is download the packgage tracking app and make sure that your mobile medium has GPS capability.

What is GPS? Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of 24 satellites the United States Defense Department set into space. Originally, GPS was to be used only by the military. The 1980s changed this, as the public was granted access to GPS.

GPS works by way of its satellites. Since all 24 are placed in orbit, the satellites can only transmit information by way of signals—signals they receive from rotating around the earth twice a day. In their rotation, they process the whereabouts of all sorts of information and can provide this to mobile mediums that possess GPS capacity.

The GPS applications on mobile mediums serve as a connection for GPS satellites. When the satellites find mobile mediums with GPS, they use the GPS applications of those mobile mediums and transmit information. The GPS applications serve as a window that allows GPS signals to come through as data (location, time, address, travel route, date of shipment, date of delivery, as well as other elements of the packaging process).

Using cloud storage to enhance your cargo tracking experience

Cloud storage service capabilities include the following:

  • Sharing pictures
  • Sharing links (email)
  • Sharing files (PDFs, Office, and Word files)
  • Sharing music and videos
  • Uploading images
  • CloudApp is flexible and works with other beloved mobile applications.

Cloud storage services – such as CloudApp by, Dropbox and – share links and files, whether you send links and files to your email or to a friend or relative. If you track your cargo via, for example, CloudApp, you can send a link to your email from your ship tracker application via “Drops” (drag files from your folder into the cloud storage’s container to upload to the cloud.)

You can also, for example, upload images from your ship tracker and share those map pictures with recipients of your shipment (if you are a business owner). If you send a present to a relative, he or she may simply be anxious and anticipating your package’s arrival. To ease their mind, send an image of the ship tracker map to alert them as to a possible time and date their shipment will arrive. Since CloudApp and the others work with other mobile applications, the application should have no problem corroborating with your ship tracker mobile phone or PC application.

About the author: The post is contributed by Calvin Scott. Calvin is sought after writer who loves to write on emerging technologies. Visit his site for container verhuur and container kopen.

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