I can See Clearly Now: A Story on Cloud Business Review

cloud computing basicsI remember that a bit more than a year ago, as I started Cloud Business Review I plunge myself in the world of cloud computing. I read news pieces, blog posts, white papers and other publications about cloud computing; I watch cloud computing videos and interviews about cloud computing. Yet, although it does help a lot being a geek, I still couldn’t get it; “What is cloud computing, anyway?” I asked myself.

I also try many cloud apps including several cloud platforms – Google Apps, Box.net, Apptivo, Smartsheet, Heroku,… the list goes on and on. And by utilizing the free plans or free trials available on many cloud service providers, I try to make sense of what I read. And yes, I just realized about a year ago that accessing my Gmail and Yahoo! Mail means that I am using the cloud.

Anyway, as I learn my ways into cloud computing, I try to get the gist and write blog posts based on what I read, listen and view about cloud computing. Thus born Cloud Business Review – a cloud computing blog with business flavor trying to explain cloud concepts and present cloud news in plain English to help both non-techie business decision makers and individuals to get into the cloud bandwagon in the right way.

Indeed, Cloud Business Review can help you see clearly now as we bring out what’s important from the sea of cloud computing definitions, acronyms, and other stuffs that were only accessible by IT people.

We try to clear the mist of cloud jargon and explain things in plain English. If we can’t do so, we will link out to other resources that can give you better explanations about a particular cloud subject.

Those being said, we are inspired to create a video ad that pretty much explaining what we are trying to do – here is the short and sweet video, and do let us know what you think of the video…

P.S. Also please consider to visit our sister site, The Cloud Infographic – inside, you can start seeing clearly with the help of cloud computing infographics.

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