Host your Call Center in the Cloud: Telax Review

telax hosted call centerWhen it comes to increased productivity and reduced IT-related costs/capital expenditures, the cloud offers our business unprecedented benefits. If your business relies on call center in its operations, you might want to consider call center software solutions from Telax.

What Telax can offer you?

Telax basically offers you hosted call center software and solutions. So, instead you invest on expensive on-premise call center infrastructure, you can bring your call center to the cloud and host yours on Telax call center infrastructure.

The hosted call center is managed 24/7 by an expert team. You don’t have to worry about all the technicalities in the back-end. What you need to do is to outsource your call center technology need to Telax and pay for what you use on monthly basis – no need initial capital expenditures on building a call center your own; indeed, this is a great solution especially for business startups.

Why hosted call center?

There are numerous benefits of bringing your call center to the cloud – the main benefit is the fact that hosted call centers are more reliable than the on-premise counterparts. Check out this video presentation to give you an idea or two on why hosted call centers are more reliable:

With Telax hosted call center you can leverage your resources to do more with your existing infrastructure. You can improve the productivity of your existing staffs using Telax Workforce Management solution, retain top employees by allowing them to do remote working, and many more.

To learn more about the solutions, visit Telax hosted call center solutions.

What you can do with Telax

The applications of Telax virtual hosted call center are limitless…

Disaster recovery: You can have Telax to host your backup call center should your primary one is experiencing issues. Business continuity is crucial, and you can pursue that by handling your disaster recovery well.

Customer service: For top-notch customer service and support, reliable call center solution can avoid you the risks of damaging your business reputation due to poor customer service experience.

IT and HR help desk: Similar to customer service, a help desk quality is measured by how well your team responds to your clients’ assistance requests; this is something that can be provided by hosted call center software.

Reservation desk: A reliable hosted call center solution can help you to capture as many business opportunities as possible – you can’t afford to lose prospects simply because you can’t handle queries and interests properly.

You can learn more on what you can do with Telax’ software and solutions from this page: Telax hosted call center applications.

Are you ready to run your call center in the cloud?

Of course, before you sign with any business services, you need to do your due diligence; it’s a must, anyway. In this case, if you want to see Telax hosted call center in action, you can request for a demo.

The demo is free to access, with no obligation – if you don’t like what you see, just move on: Go to this page to request a demo.


Telax offers full-fledge hosted call center software and solutions. With a strong lineup of clients, including Burberry, uReach Technologies, Phonetime, and many more, Telax has proven itself to have a strong track record. Check out a couple of Telax clients’ reviews…

“Throughout implementation my Telax support team was on call and provided updates – this gave me great peace of mind!”
– Maryli Karske, Customer Service Manager – Burberry Americas

“Telax saved us! Our first hosted call center provider was unreliable. With Telax we have a partner we can depend on!”
– Kurt Nelson, President – Paragon Motor Club

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