Should You Get Your Oracle Certification?

oracle certification programThere is little doubt that Oracle certification training is one area in the IT industry where growth is barely keeping pace with rising demand. Oracle Certification offers many specializations to meet the needs of computer systems professionals. To be successful while pursuing a certification requires rigorous self-examination, and a deep understanding of the requirements of each of the certification paths.

For a long time, consulting groups such as the JD Edwards consulting from Syntax have been offering their clients support on software and infrastructure during implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. To these core activities, companies are now offering training for students who are looking to receive a recognized Oracle certificate. Consulting companies work with students to determine which certification path is the best match with the individual’s capabilities and future goals.

What is an Oracle Certificate Worth?

Oracle Certificates are the tangible credentials that show what specific advantages an IT expert offers to an employer. Each certification is geared to a different part of the business process. For example, the Oracle Database Administrator focuses on installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of databases. There are three levels of Database certification, including the Associate, the Professional, and the Master. Certified Database Administrators also learn the unique upgrade issues on Oracle 9i and Linux.

Oracle Application Developers can be either Associates or Professionals. On this path, students create the applications businesses use to track orders and inventory. This involves learning to use Oracle as the database, while incorporating SQL as the inquiry language. The inquiry language functions primarily as the method of developing interactions between the Oracle databases and the user interface.

Associate Web Application Server Administrators apply the use and management of Oracle databases as the power behind websites. This certification is often taken as an adjunct to other career paths in the IT industry.

Participation in the Oracle training and certification program for the IT staff is also of utmost benefit to the hiring organization. This is due to the fact that the training offers an industry-recognized certification, which is proof that the employee has gained proficiency of a higher standard of a benchmarked skill or ability.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Oracle Certified?

Among some of the numerous benefits that a firm can reap from taking their staff through Oracle training are an increased sense of job satisfaction and morale among the employees, leading to less turnover, as well as increasing the ability for employees to transition to new methods and the latest technologies. The expertise gained during the certification process results in increased productivity, which translates into eventual financial gain for the corporate bottom line. Additionally, the reputation of the firm increases as the team becomes recognized for being able to provide outstanding service and reliability.

While the training and certification process involves a significant investment of time and financial resources, getting the Oracle certification is vital, both for the individual and his employer. The gains in efficiency and profit that will be recouped through the elimination of job duplication and avoidable mistakes, more than compensate for the required expenditures.

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