5 Cloud Computing Infographics to Help you Understand Cloud Computing

cloud computing infographicsWhat is cloud computing? Business and tech media are trying their best to answer both businesses and individual on this very basic question.

However, with all the jargon and nitty-gritty – not mentioning the rapid evolution of cloud computing – it’s difficult for non-techie business owners and individuals to grasp the cloud computing basics. And yes, small business owners know nothing better than the others when it comes to cloud computing: According to a study, 71 percent participants have never heard about cloud computing. 74 percent of the rest who have heard about it can’t explain what cloud computing is.

But fear not – there is a way to learn about cloud computing without reading those lengthy cloud computing whitepapers: Cloud computing infographics.

Infographics are better in a sense that important data and information about cloud computing is visualized in such a way that they are easier to digest than texts. Moreover, people tend to learn better visually, and infographics are the right tools for that.

5 infographics on cloud computing 101

Without further adieu, here are 5 cloud computing infographics that can help you learn more and better about cloud computing:

1. What is Cloud Computing? (1)

what is cloud computing

This is the first and foremost question: What is computing? This cloud infographic from Wikibon can help you understand the concept of cloud computing from SaaS perspective.

2. What is cloud computing? (2)

cloud computing basics

Yet another cloud computing basics, but in a more general manner by looking into the definitions, benefits, risks, trends and more. A very useful infographic by Ezoubi.com

3. What are the benefits of cloud computing?

cloud computing benefits

The cloud computing infographic is brought to you by CloudIT.tv, showing you the benefits of cloud computing, including some issues that hinder businesses to adopt cloud computing.

4. Public vs. private cloud

private public cloud computing

Businesses need to do their due diligence in deciding whether to adopt private or public cloud. This cloud computing infographic can help you clear the mist.

5. What is hybrid cloud?

hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is basically a combination of two or more clouds. This cloud computing infographic from WebHostingGeeks.com explains hybrid cloud in comic-style infographic.

So, there you go – I hope the cloud computing infographics can shed some light for you and your business.

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