Want to Keep up with your Business Demand? Try Business Continuity in the Cloud

business continuityHow can your business keep up with the economic challenges and fierce competition? According to Bill McCracken, CA Technologies chief exec, the only realistic way to keep up is cloud computing. How cloud-based business continuity solutions can help you to keep up with your business demand?

First thing first – let’s kick off with a couple of of case studies. Here are two prominent examples on how businesses’ speedy response to changes in place are crucial in determining their immediate future…

  • The failure: Borders bookstores went out of business partly due to the speed of e-books taking over the industry.
  • The success: Dell quickly revolutionized the supply chain and PC sales to claim a big pie of the market share.

So, how cloud computing and business continuity solutions can ensure you avoid critical business failure?

Cloud computing and business demand

As reported by Computerworld UK, McCracken says that cloud computing can offer speedy responses to business demand. Typically, business IT is what holding chief executives back in making the necessary changes in response to the demand – it just can’t make changes a reality fast enough.

Business continuity and business demand

Now, ensuring business continuity is crucial, as your ability to keep up with your business demand requires you to be able to tackle both internal and external threats, such as power outage, natural disaster, and many more.

Regardless of your business readiness in fulfilling business demand, without business continuity plans in place you are risking all of your hard work for nothing.

Cloud computing and business continuity

The cloud itself is not without problem. In fact, to make things more complicated, businesses also need to have business continuity plans for their cloud solutions.

cloud outages and security problems lurk behind cloud-powered businesses, ready to strike at any given time – you need to ensure business continuity.

Business continuity solutions

You need to understand that your stakeholders want you to meet business demands and avoid to be the next Borders bookstore or any other business failures caused by the inability to keep up with the demands.

There are solutions available to help you ensure your business continuity, but I recommend the cloud-powered ones, such as this business continuity from Allstream.

Allstream’s cloud-based business continuity services ensure your network to be able to support any business continuity plans you have, allowing you to recover rapidly from any business operational interruptions, such as power failures and cyber attacks.

Technical-wise, Allstream’s cloud recovery procedures involve virtual replication of your business’ physical server environment. This allows your server to be fully functioning and almost instantly accessible; this is important to maintain the availability of your business apps.

So, your next logical step: Start building a business continuity plan and start finding the right business continuity solution for your business.

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