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nirvanix cloud storage, cloudcompleteDoing a bit of research shows that opponents of cloud storage cry out security and reliability. These are the top two reasons nay-sayers are against the cloud. However, when dealing with enterprise cloud storage, one company seems to have it all figured out. Enter Nirvanix cloud storage services.

Why Nirvanix Cloud Storage?

First and foremost, Nirvanix is an IBM partnership. Where technological advances are concerned, IBM is among the cream of the crop. So as far as a trusting service, that avenue is covered.

The list of advantages of Nirvanix is vast and wide. Even taking over cloud service providers such as Amazon, this list will surely entice the nay-sayers into moving into the cloud. Businesses looking to utilize cloud based services should seriously compare and contrast all the providers out there and this list will give them a huge head start.

Businesses who have held off of utilizing cloud services, may be falling way behind competitors as cost and efficiency are at the core of the cloud business model. Ease of use and access make business owners froth at the mouth and there is truly no real reason NOT to begin this process for your business.

  • Petabyte-scale Cloud Storage Implementations– Nirvanix’s experience with massive petabyte-scale cloud storage implementations in enterprise-class, production environments is unrivaled. Nirvanix manages real-world enterprise customer environments with critical business data on a daily basis; nobody else has the experience of working with Fortune 500 companies placing Petabytes of critical business data into the cloud.
  • Data Consistency– The only consistent storage on the Internet. Any changes made to a file in the cloud are reflected across the whole cloud everywhere around the world immediately, unlike other clouds which update file versions at some future point in time.
  • A True Global Namespace– Enables customers to upload a file of any size from anywhere in the world and access it anywhere – as opposed to forcing customers to upload the same file multiple times in multiple geographic regions and imposing strict file size limitations. This is designed to provide customers with continuous access to data at multiple, redundant locations for optimal performance and business continuity.
  • A Self-Healing Cloud– Advanced software that performs continuous data integrity checks on all stored files and automatically repairs files should they ever become corrupt.
  • Unlimited File Sizes– Any file, any size, uploaded anywhere.
  • Cloud Federation– The flexibility to leverage hybrid, private or public cloud storage services, all with usage-based pricing. Nirvanix is the only company that operates a public cloud storage network and offers customers on-site hybrid cloud deployments. To truly offer successful hybrid cloud storage you need to own and manage both ends of the storage network – and only Nirvanix can enforce SLAs and SLOs consistently between public and hybrid clouds.
  • A Purpose-Built Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure– Designed from the ground up to meet or exceed enterprise requirements for organizations that cannot justify or tolerate any downtime – not a cloud built by developers for developers.
  • Flexible Global Storage Locations– Maintain multiple copies of data in multiple locations of your choice to satisfy both in-country and out-of-region data retention and compliance requirements.
  • Highly Granular Multi-Tenancy– Protect customer data with secure multi-tenancy and the ability to create sub-directories and millions of child accounts under a single storage domain. Also set up specific billing policies and metrics for each individual business unit or user.
  • End-to-End Network Visibility and Management– From gateway to cloud. Move petabytes of data into the cloud with the Nirvanix CloudNAS® Gateway – which turns any server or Virtual Machine (VM) on the network into a dedicated gateway to the cloud.
  • Self-Provisioning– Customers can provision their own data from a dedicated, intuitive management console.
  • Multi-Level, Military-Grade Security– Unparalleled security safeguards and processes at the user, data storage and physical data center levels in contrast to other vendors that put the responsibility for security on the customer.
  • Enterprise Service Level Agreements – Up to five nines (99.999%) of data availability, not 3 or 4 nines or best efforts as offered by other major providers

How To Join Nirvanix

Nirvanix has services for businesses of all sizes; so there is something for everyone. Smaller businesses can use Nirvanix self service to get started in cloud business and learn the ropes. Not only that, just about 2TB; yes that’s terabytes of storage are at your disposal.

Check out all Nirvanix has to offer by visiting their site below.

Nirvanix Cloud Storage

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