Crowdsourcing in the Cloud

design crowdsourcingWe all hear about the benefits of cloud computing for small business. But it seems that people perceive small business cloud computing solutions as just collection of tools that can help you do your business in the cloud. The thing is, some cloud computing solution providers offer you a lot more than just tools. Did you know that some cloud businesses can offer you both tools and manpower to help you do business in the cloud?

One example of such cloud solutions is Knovial – a cloud computing platform for business.

Knovial case study

Knovial offers clients tools that enable them to do business in the cloud, such as website design and development, project management, CRM, social media marketing, and many more.

One of the highlighted Knovial features is the ability for businesses to make unlimited changes – including unlimited pages, emails and hosting – on their Knovial-powered websites and ecommerce sites using Knovial visual change management system without any additional fees.

If you think Knovial only offer you web tools to build a website and make as many changes as you wish, think again; Knovial assigns a design team to make those changes for you – at no additional fees on your side. For $299/month for an access to ALL knovial cloud solutions, this perk alone worth more than that, in my opinion.

So, how can Knovial offers such service in a cost-effective manner? The answer is crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is outsourcing your projects to a large group of people, instead to a freelancer or contractor.

What crowdsourcing in the cloud can offer you

Knovial crowdsources your design or content changes to a large group of people – each can suggest his own recommendation. This allows Knovial to tap on more talent to acquire better solutions in a cost effective manner. Having many people to share their expertise means that you, as a client, will get the best possible website updates.

So, just think about it – If you are a Knovial user, you will have access to a cutting edge visual change management system to request for the necessary changes you want, and have your change requests crowdsourced by Knovial on your behalf; you will get better recommendations – again – at no additional costs… all done in the cloud!

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