Insourcing in the Cloud: Go Insource Review

go insource reviewMost Fortune 500 companies have free resources available across their worldwide offices – but never use them – are you any different?

I have just been recommended a unique cloud-based service, Go Insource – a web-based insourcing solution for business. I’ve browsed the site and I found the web service truly has potential because it answers the issue of efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s workforce.

What is insourcing?

Insourcing is actually a direct opposite of outsourcing; so, instead you hire a third-party to complete projects for you, you have your own staffs to get projects done during their “idle” times. The idea is to empower your own business staffs to take on opportunities; to work on different business projects.

Typically, insourcing is purposed to maintain control of critical production and competencies, but Go Insource makes insourcing accessible for any business needs.

All in all, insourcing empowers your own business staffs to work on business projects – and save you money.

The benefits of insourcing

The benefits are apparent, answering big questions lingering companies employing staffs to get the business running: Some staffs are just “under-utilized”, in such a way that it’s becoming a lose-lose situation for both the company and its staffs: Lack of meaningful work will demoralized staffs; for the company itself, under-utilized staffs are resource-hogging, getting paid to – um – gossiping around… (c’mon guys, we know it’s true!)

What is Go Insource?

As I mentioned above, Go Insource offers tools for business efficiency, allowing businesses to do insourcing via web-based software.

In short, Go Insource brings you insourcing advantages without all the complexity of managing in-house software. All you need to do is to plug into the cloud; log into your Go Insource account, and you are ready to post projects and/or take projects.

How Go Insource works

Go Insource works pretty much like today’s popular online marketplaces, such as – with one major difference: Instead of posting your projects for freelancers and outsourcing partners to bid on, you can now post your projects for your own staffs to take on.

Setting up everything for a first time user is easy; we know because we have tried it! (hence this review was written…)

All you need to do is to sign up, enter your details and confirm your account; there you go – your insourcing software, read to use. You can add your business logo to personalize the look-feel of your insourcing dashboard – just email yours to info -at-

With Go Insource, you can manage how your staffs can access the dashboard, assign priority to project ads, search and apply projects, get email alerts based on your profiles for matched project, and many more. Some major features include:

  • Dashboard: View all projects advertized across your organization as soon as you log in – all in one go. You can manage and update your projects from the same dashboard.
  • Simplicity: Rich text editor – post project ad, include links to your intranet or web portal easily.
  • View: View all project ads, either the ones you responded to or advertised – all in a single page.

Why Go Insource?

The number one reason you might want to consider Go Insource is the simplicity. The process from signing up to create your first project ad would only take you 5 minutes flat. You can always contact the helpful support team when things go wrong.

More benefits:

  • Projects can be accessed 24/7 – increased productivity especially if you run a business with workforces worldwide.
  • Increase your business profitability by maximizing your workforce’s potential and capacity.
  • Reduce workforce’s “idle” times
  • Your HR department becomes “invincible” – able to assign human resources for business operational at optimum efficiency – something that typically can only be achieved by hiring (expensive) consultants.

So – how much?

Here are the pricing plans:

  • Special: Over 50% off – $1/user for 1-3 year plan
  • Company: $299/m, 100 users
  • Enterprise: $2499/m, 1000 users

All comes with full support and unlimited job ads and user profiles. No fixed term contracts, with discounts on longer contracts.

Go Insource offers 30-day free trial with no obligation – I recommend you to take this opportunity to try the cloud service free of charge.

A conclusion

Go Insource’s back-end system seems simple – too simple, perhaps. However, this simplicity is actually Go Insource’s unique selling proposition.

If you are interested in insourcing and are looking for a cloud-based insourcing solution, I recommend you to visit Go Insource website to learn more.

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