Cloud Computing: The Great Buzz of the Year

cloud computing trends

Most online businesses have heard the term cloud computing, but not as many have adopted the services. Cloud computing is the great buzz word of the year; and touted to be the next big thing in Internet service.

Why Cloud Computing

It’s been discussed here already at CloudBusinessReview as to why you should consider cloud computing. So the purpose of this post will be to emphasize the benefits of the next big thing.

Written by Phil Birbeck, Managing Director of PC World Business

If the buzz is to be believed then cloud computing is the next big thing, the silver bullet that can cut costs and save the environment. Certainly it could be a lifeline for small businesses looking to keep costs down, but there is confusion on how to get started and which options are the best for individual businesses.

So why have so many businesses been dragging their feet in getting involved?  It’s hard to comprehend why these businesses would not want to save thousands of dollars and get in on the ground floor.

Put simply, it takes everything a business normally stores on a computer or company server and puts it securely online. There, it can be accessed from any connected device anywhere in the world. Users pay for as much or as little space as they need and can ramp it up and down as requirements change. This flexibility allows small businesses to pay less when business is slow and only add extra cost in line with business growth.

The key benefit is for mobile and tablet users in business. Those small businesses that need mobile capability can save al of their data to the cloud and then have instant access back at the office. Those that are concerned about security should really reconsider. Security for the cloud is top notch with most service providers. For the few years that cloud computing services have been around, there have been no security breeches to speak of in relation to this.

The benefits of cloud services far outweigh the pitfalls. In an attempt to have full access to your business from any room anywhere in the world, there is definitely wonder as to why wait. Cloud services will give your business a huge edge and the ROI (return on investment) will be money in the bank.

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