Manage and Track Your Business Better in the Cloud: Comindware Review

comindware reviewIf your business receives thousands of emails and documents on daily basis – such as those containing service requests, questions and inquiries, and many more – you need a software that can help you manage daily tasks and collaborate with other business functions to get things done better, thus increasing your productivity. You need an enterprise collaboration software, such as Comindware. Read on to learn more.

Cloud computing can offer you choices; in fact too many choices. More choices mean you – a potential client – should do your due diligence in deciding the best software to help your business in becoming more productive. With plenty of task tracking, task management and online collaboration software on the market today, it is almost impossible to choose the best for your business. Each software has its own strengths and weaknesses; what you need to do is to use one particular software that can help your business to be better.

I have just heard about Comindware cloud solutions and decided to visit Comindware’s new business website. I learn that what compelling about Comindware among all other similar solution providers is the fact that you can automate any business operations, such as human resources, marketing, and accounting, including task generation automation – all done within a single application.

As your organization grows larger, Comindware – like all competent cloud business solutions – will accommodate the growth. Thanks to the patented technology, Semantic Data Storage, clients are enabled to change any process schemes in the middle of the execution, instead of restarting the long process right back from the beginning.

Comindware’s cloud solutions

Comindware comes in two flavors: Comindware Tracker and Comindware Task Management.

Comindware Tracker is essentially an issue tracking software for better daily business operational issues and process management and tracking. You can automate tasks generation during the course of your project and you are able to assign specific tasks to specific business function, while providing tools to collaborate. For example, Comindware can help you automate and generate tasks for your business IT department, while allowing the IT team to collaborate with the Accounting team for a specific set of tasks.

Comindware Task Management is a solution to help you in your daily task management. It is integrated in Comindware Tracker and in the standalone version, it is free to use. You can benefit greatly from Comindware Task Management as it helps you to manage tasks, track project time and collaborate on the tasks – all done in the cloud!

Who Comindware Tracker and Task Management are for?

If your business is dealing with plenty of requests, claims, support tickets, such as an IT services company, Comindware cloud solutions are for you.

Learning the features of the collaboration and tracking software, Comindware Tracker is best suited for enterprises, while Task Management is recommended for small and medium businesses (SMBs.)


If you are fancy of task automation, Comindware is for you.

Furthermore, the Semantic Data Storage technology is cutting-edge, indeed; you can change processes in any stages of project development… so you don’t have to waste your time starting all over again.

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  • Stephie Daniel

    Absolutely correct. Cloud based tools today carries more value in this highly technical and contemporary world.

    Variety of tools are there available in the market. Various people manages to deploy various tools in their life style, where as my preference goes with the automated tools. Comindware is the best task tracking software I have ever used in my life for my business process.

    Apart from those I also use toodledo, rememberthemilk etc.