Top 10 Free Cloud Applications for Web Designers

cloud apps for web designersCloud computing offers great benefits to businesses in term of increased productivity and minimized IT budget expenses. For web designers who want to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, cloud applications can offer you aplenty. So, if you are either london web designers or a freelance web designer who lives a location independent living, cloud apps can help you to work from anywhere and with anybody, literally.

And the good thing is, many of the cloud apps for web designers are free to use. Here is Cloud Business Review’s top 10 list of free cloud apps that can help you in working on your web design projects (in no particular order):

1. GridFox

GridFox is a free add-on to Firefox allowing you to show grids on your currently viewed page on Firefox to check the layout and composition of the page.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is free and feature-rich, Photoshop-like image editor allowing you to edit image from your web browser with no installation required.

3. Draftboard

Draftboard is a free collaboration tool for web designers and their clients to monitor the development of a particular website, and collaborate on the design elements, etc. in real time.

4. CSS Sandbox

CSS Sandbox is a free web tool allowing you to tinker with CSS configurations on the fly – no coding involved.

5. Snipplr

Want to save and share your codes and work on your web design project quickly? Just go to Snipplr. The free web app allows you to store and share your code snippets, so that you can copy-and-paste them into your future project.

6. Golden Ratio Calculator

Golden Ratio Calculator is a free app helping you to find the best width of your website, so that yours follow with the Golden Ratio principles. Just type in a number and you will get the recommended width of a particular section of your website.

7. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a free Flash-based app helping you to pick the best color schemes for your website. There is an active community that can recommend you some great color schemes.

8. Typetester

Typetester is a free web tool to help you looking for the right typography for your website: Font size, typeface and more – by comparing 3 paragraphs on which you can edit the way you like it.

9. Browsershots

Want to check how your designed website looks in various web browsers? Try Browsershots – a free tool that takes snapshots of your web address from various browsers and OS.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage allowing you to store your design files on the cloud. An excellent way to backup your work. It is free for the basic plan (more than enough space, in my opinion.)

Do you have a favorite cloud-based design app? If so, please share your web app by leaving your comment on this article below.

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