Puts Resumes in the Cloud to Give Companies Better Access

cloud job resumeThis morning job-finder giant,, introduced a new semantic search service integrated with their custom designed business analytics to be placed on a cloud network for companies to access. Named “Seemore”, the platform was built to fix Monster’s primarily problem of failing to provide companies with a good way to track down the “diamond in the rough”. This is done by putting all submitted profiles and resumes into a shared server, and then applying semantics-based business analytics to mine out more specific details of resumes that otherwise wouldn’t show up on a typical search. The system allows a company to better hone in on specific words and phrases within resumes, but only by allowing for variations based on semantics.

Seemore makes life a lot easier for companies, and it also opens up new opportunities for job applicants. By removing some of the burden of hounding after every lead and following up on every relevant job posting, job applicants are able to streamline applying for positions. By putting resumes into the cloud and allowing companies to sort through the entire volume, Monster is potentially making it possible for people to receive an interview for jobs they didn’t respond to or didn’t see posted, yet are nonetheless qualified for. Talk about time saving. Job hunters can now possibly do something else besides refresh the Craigslist jobs posts every 30 seconds.

It won’t just be resumes on Monster that are available either. Because of implementing the cloud, resumes for several other job-finder websites, owned or operated by, will be incorporated into the semantics search. This is sure to cut down on time spent by HR personnel pouring through resumes and stalking job posting sites to either post or review posts. It also reduces a lot of the stress placed on the minds of job hunters.

Let’s hope this measure leads to more people getting hired. We all know there’s plenty of people who need the help. In an age when information is as accessible as it, there’s no reason why a company can’t uncover the ideal candidate so long as an updated and relevant resume exists somewhere online.

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