CIOs say the Cloud will be the Main Platform by 2014, a System Engineer says No for a Valid Reason

cloud computing futureAccording to a research, 60 percent of European IT leaders believe that the cloud will be their main IT operating method by 2014. However, only 16 percent of respondents said that they already have company-wide implementations of cloud computing. These conflicting findings – also questioned by an experienced System Engineer – will still put cloud computing for business in, well, a cloudy situation.

The research findings are reported by New Zealand’s Reseller News. What particularly interest me is the comment of the article written by Heinz Kriener, a well-experienced IT Engineer and Consultant who has been working with two big companies, IBM and Deloitte, for a total of 39 years.

The big question: Do CIOs really understand what they are talking about?

Heinz’ comment, titled “Please change 2014 to 3014,” shows his doubt whether cloud computing will be the main IT operating channel by 2014. He argued that if that was true, CIOs should be in their final phase of testing their so-called “new cloud IT” today. He further questioned whether they really know what they are talking about.

It seems that Mr. Heinz has a valid reason to say the above.

The cloud is not mature, yet

Referring back to the findings, only 16 percent has company-wide cloud computing implementations today. 2014 is 3 years to go and as a non-techie, I personally share Mr. Heinz’ doubt whether the cloud will be European businesses’ main IT operating method just like 60 percent of respondents believe.

I assume that businesses are still in doubt whether cloud computing can offer substantial benefits. On paper, everything looks promising. However, cloud computing technologies are still evolving, and during that time, you should expect some “hiccups” to happen.

Indeed, cloud computing is not mature, yet, and the assumption is validated by the recent colossal cloud outages that disrupt the business operations of thousands of companies. With such big risk of cloud computing, heavily depending on the cloud without proper safety net, such as on-premise data backup, is not a wise decision, in my opinion.

So – how about you? Do you believe that cloud computing will be businesses’ main IT operating method by 2014?

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