Timeline Cloud Review: A Business Cloud Backup with a Family Touch

timeline cloud reviewThere are many cloud backup solutions allowing you to basically use the cloud for your business backup purposes. However there is only a few cloud backup solutions offering you more than just storing your important data as backups; one of them is Timeline Cloud. What is it and how it can offer your business powerful backup solutions?

First thing first: What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is, in essence, storing your important data off-premise to the cloud, in such a way that when disasters strike, you have your data safe somewhere else.

Remember the Japan’s earthquake and nuclear meltdown? Businesses that backup their data in the cloud can pick up the pieces and move on, having their on-premise IT system damaged, even literally destroyed.

A good cloud backup solution usually comes with cloud data recovery solution, which enables you to restore files and the entire system in case of system failure due to natural disaster, loss, or theft.

What is Timeline Cloud and how it can offer you more benefits

Timeline Cloud is a cloud backup and data recovery service that offers you more than just those; it offers you flexibility, speed and mobility.


You subscribe for any plans with the features you need; you can scale up or scale down depending on your need – it’s flexible and cost-effective.

What’s more, Timeline Cloud boasts no learning curve; meaning, you can easily use Timeline Cloud right from the start. You can start backing up your business in just 5 minutes.

Administering everything from the back end system is a breeze. As management is done from a centralized console, you can control the entire business’ backups and perform analysis virtually on any computers. You can also adding new users, assigning privileges, etc. – it’s flexible.


In online backup, speed is everything. Timeline Cloud claims to be 5 times faster than any other cloud backup providers, including Mozy, Carbonite and Crashplan. You can learn more about this from the benchmark data.


Timeline Cloud is a web-based cloud service – you don’t need to install anything on your computer and servers. That being said, you can access the admin console via your mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. In fact, you can access the control panel from any part of the world, as long as you have access to the Internet.

Who should use Timeline Cloud backup solutions?

It’s probably a bit cliche, but everybody should use cloud backup solutions. Whether you are a business in need of backing up your client records, a school in need of backing up the staffs and students paper works, or simply a family in need of safe-keep photos, videos and music, cloud backup can offer you just that.

Unique service: Family cloud backup solution

Unlike the other online backup solutions, Timeline Cloud offers you the Family Edition. Similar to the business solutions, the Family Edition can offer you online backup capabilities for the entire family.

The premise of the Family Edition is that today, it’s likely that each family member has a computer or mobile device. Everyone would need his/her own backup done – school projects, home works, family photos, music, etc. Timeline Cloud enables families to centralize all backups in one single management console, in such a way that each family member can access their own backups from anywhere – school, college, office, etc. – all you need is an Internet access.


Timeline Cloud’s pricing starts from $4.95/user/month. For a home business and a family of 3, the basic plan is adequate. You can scale up according to your need easily and seamlessly, involving no service interruption whatsoever. For a complete pricing plans and feature, go to Timeline Cloud pricing page.

How to use Timeline Cloud?

Like I mentioned above, Timeline Cloud boasts no learning curve – you can easily use the backup solutions as soon as you sign up.

Signing up would only take 5 minutes of your time. Just fill in contact and login details, choose how to deploy the backup, approve user access policies, and you’re done. You can learn more about the steps from this page.

Alternatively, you can learn more by watching this overview video on Timeline Cloud:

My verdict

Timeline Cloud is as good as the other cloud backup solution providers on the market today. However, if you highly value speed and mobility as I do, Timeline Cloud is for you.

Also, I would like to highlight the Family Edition – it’s a great solution, in my opinion. Many would offer just that, but not many communicate and address the need as well as Timeline Cloud. So if you are interested in doing cloud backup for your family needs, be sure to go to Timeline Cloud for more “family-friendly” information.

Visit Timeline Cloud to learn more.

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