Apple has Acquired Domain Name: Apple iCloud is Ready to Roll!

apple icloudSo, the rumor has been proven to be a fact; Apple has acquired domain name from Xcerion, a Swedish hybrid cloud provider for a whopping $4.5 million, as reported by CNET. Apple iCloud is ready to launch!

To find a proof of the domain name acquisition, I have done a lookup for WHOIS registry information and found the registration details of the domain name – it is confirmed; Apple Inc. owns

The following is the registry WHOIS for domain name to confirm the acquisition of by Apple Inc. (you can also find the registry WHOIS details here):

Apple Inc.
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA. US 18222

Domain Name: ICLOUD.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Apple Inc. ***********
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222

Record expires on 15-Jan-2018.
Record created on 18-Dec-2007.

Xcerion, in the other hand, has moved its cloud storage service from to in April 2011, getting prepared for the acquisition. As of today, still redirects to

What will Apple iCloud offer users?

We don’t know what Apple plans for iCloud, but the rumor tells us that Apple iCloud will be a cloud music storage service provider. The unveiling of Apple’s plan for iCloud will be done in the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, USA on Monday next week.

The rumor about cloud-based music storage service might become a true fact, as yesterday (May 31, 2011) Apple has reportedly registered for trademark rights for the iCloud name with the Trade Marks and Design Registration Office of the European Union. Apple lists the following classifications: “electronic storage of data, text, images, audio, and video; storage services for archiving electronic data; information and consultation in connection therewith.”

The classifications pretty much describing, I suppose… along with the fact that Apple has obtained licensing agreements with EMI Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music, iCloud will most probably offer music-related, cloud-based storage service.

Apple seems to have its hands full with cloud plans ahead. One thing for sure, Apple fans and users worldwide will benefit with the new cloud-based services from Apple iCloud.

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