Cloud Innovation: Cloud Business News Roundup May 9 – May 15, 2011

cloud service innovationThe highlight of Cloud Business Review’s cloud news this week is cloud innovation. There are some newsworthy updates on the availability of new cloud services that can help both businesses and individuals.

Probably not necessarily an innovation, Google’s decision to disregard major record companies’ approval to launch Google Music – in itself – is an innovation. The big question is: Why Google is very, very interested in launching its cloud music service?

The first and foremost reason is probably due to the fact that Google’s competitors have entered the music industry – Amazon and Apple. The second reason is that the music industry is lucrative.

Google Music will be something similar to Amazon’s Cloud Drive/Cloud Player, but without an MP3 store to purchase music (and Google is not planning to establish one – yet) and add it instantly to Cloud Drive.

Regardless of the reasons Google might have, Google Music – will be unveiled in Google I/O event – will give more options for music enthusiasts to add new tunes to the cloud and share them with the world.

There are also some other interesting cloud innovation updates this week:

McAfee cloud security platform secures the data of companies migrating to the cloud

One of the biggest cloud security issues is on securing business data of a company during the migration process to the cloud. McAfee offers you just that – securing email, identity, and web traffic while you move data from your on-premise location to the cloud.

Genuitec and Skyway Software launches MyEclipse G

MyEclipse G – an integrated development environment (IDE) – will help you to integrate application development with Google cloud. It will automate project architecture and implementation at an affordable price. It seems that piggy-backing big names can be very beneficial.

NetSuite’s SuiteSocial will integrate social media and cloud computing

NetSuite announced last week that the company partners with Yammer – a vendor of social media for business to create a new cloud-based product: SuiteSocial. SuiteSocial will let users to follow and comment on business transaction, instead of your photos – and more. This service will be available in Q3 2011 – so, stay tuned!

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